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Dark clouds – Iain Kelly #writephoto

One final effort and he would make it to the ridge that ran along the top of the mountain. His mind had been so clear that morning, filled with only the thought of scaling the hill. But as he had … Continue reading

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Dark – Willow #writephoto

The dark fell covering everything Crushing silence, no birds sing The Vampires amassed in evil Their leaders owned by the devil. The Werewolf sleeps in sanctuary Soon she’ll wake.Her path to see. Continue reading at willowdot21

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A Dog? You Want A Dog? – Geoff Le Pard

Reblogged from Tangental: The Le Pard home, circa 2002 comprised four humans of various sizes, sexes and sophistications, two cats, two tortoises, the last survivors of a tropical fish experiment and a dozen whistling cockroaches. In considering the decision-making structure … Continue reading

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The Troll’s Apprentice – Wallie’s Wentletrap #writephoto

It was one thing to resist a lord’s command, but another, to ignore a child’s plea. So Orvald went to the elf. When he saw him, he forgot for an instant who or what he was, or had been, and … Continue reading

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Solace Of A Winter Day – Jan Malique

Reblogged from strangegingsonintheshed: The heavens have been showering us with snow from early morning, and it continues to cascade down. Sound is muffled, a welcome relief from the noise of human activity. I love true winter and not the damp … Continue reading

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Dark – pensitivity #writephoto

At first glance, the sky looked dark and threatening, but whether it was a trick of the light or angle of the camera, Tom wasn’t sure, he just saw more. He studied his entry, searching for a title that would … Continue reading

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A photograph…

Looking for photographs, I opened a folder on the computer. The first image I came across had me unexpectedly in tears. I have seen it hundreds of times and simply smiled, if a little wistfully. Yet this time, for some … Continue reading

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Of Sophists and Soporifics… Stuart France

* With the advent of the Peripatetic Philosophers and their schools, where students could learn to aspire, to all that is good in life, and the roaring success of these ventures, came, inevitably, another sort of instruction, one based solely … Continue reading

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Raw #midnighthaiku

Snow-devils dancing A delicate coverlet Conceals a cold heart Snow falls ceaselessly, settling only in spaces where the arctic winds cannot whip it away. Drifts build in gardens and secluded corners, leaving the roads deceptively clear, lulling the unwary into … Continue reading

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