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Elemental #midnighhaiku

Nature’s passion burns Warming the depths of winter Elemental rite *

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Images #midnighthaiku

A captured moment Frozen for eternity Life and movement lost * Unemotional Detached, unexperienced Senses unengaged * Recalling wonder Photographic memory Will remember joy

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Notes from a Small Dog: Stuck

I am offended. I was always told it wasn’t nice to laugh at another’s misfortune. ‘Specially when they are s’pposed to be your best friend. I always knew my two-legs needed more training. Anyway, I’ll tell you about it and … Continue reading

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A frosty dawn! ~ Carol Anne #writephoto

* a frosty dawn as the frost melts away I walk outside Look around * Continue reading at Therapy Bits

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Abstract #midnighthaiku

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Turning + Sisyphus #writephoto

Yesterday… We walked in this valley, under the burning sun, hand in hand, believing in the eternal summer. Yesterday, perhaps, more than you, my love, I longed for Autumn, and the fall of leaves. Did I believe Time had stopped? … Continue reading

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Seeing the world in focus

I hope you’ll excuse the remodel of an old post… I’m a little tied up today, but as I was once again asked what camera I use, I thought I’d share this from a couple of years ago… My camera, … Continue reading

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Raw #midnighthaiku

Snow-devils dancing A delicate coverlet Conceals a cold heart Snow falls ceaselessly, settling only in spaces where the arctic winds cannot whip it away. Drifts build in gardens and secluded corners, leaving the roads deceptively clear, lulling the unwary into … Continue reading

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Frozen #midnighthaiku

Force stopped in its tracks Frozen moment magnified Beauty’s mastery It is not the weather to be outside messing around with water, but the Siberian temperatures are playing havoc with the pond. I have been managing to keep the surface … Continue reading

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Blue – Hayley R. Hardman #writephoto

It was nice to sit by the lake, watching the lapping waves and the cold blue evening sky above. A dusty layer of snow lay on the ground and at some of the lake’s edges thin ice had formed. Winter’s … Continue reading

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