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The road…

I left after work on Thursday, driving north for the last Silent Eye meeting before the April workshop. The sun was shining, the day was balmy… spring had, it seemed, finally sprung after the torrential rain that had battered the … Continue reading

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Snow in summer

I stood like a mountain Astride the plain Watching with slow eyes As life passed beneath me. Feeling the seasons on my skin, Each year a mere frisson, And the years passed Until snow silenced me. I waited immobile For … Continue reading

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Procession #midnighthaiku

A passionless bride Elegant simplicity Hiding a cold heart Virginal bells chime Incongruous threnody Weaves a golden pall The chalice fills with sunlight Snow melts into memory For Frank J. Tassone’s Haikai Challenge

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Pristine #midnighthaiku

Snowy coverlet The cold heart of winter melts Tentative rebirth Nature recreates herself Eternal reinvention For Colleen’s Tanka Tuesday

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Infinity and beyond…

It is snowing again as I write. Have you ever watched a snowstorm and wondered just how many snowflakes were falling? Or how many had ever fallen? A million snowflakes, apparently, will only cover a patch two feet square by … Continue reading

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Transient #midnighthaiku

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Solace Of A Winter Day – Jan Malique

Reblogged from strangegingsonintheshed: The heavens have been showering us with snow from early morning, and it continues to cascade down. Sound is muffled, a welcome relief from the noise of human activity. I love true winter and not the damp … Continue reading

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Raw #midnighthaiku

Snow-devils dancing A delicate coverlet Conceals a cold heart Snow falls ceaselessly, settling only in spaces where the arctic winds cannot whip it away. Drifts build in gardens and secluded corners, leaving the roads deceptively clear, lulling the unwary into … Continue reading

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Murder most fowl…?

The sun rose, casting a rose-gold glow across a frozen world. I watched the daily miracle soften the sky, grateful that my home faces east that every day brings a reminder of renwa, and every dawn reminds me that now … Continue reading

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Snowing cats and dogs…

“…but they said it would snow!” Said the dog, all forlorn As she sat on the doorstep To welcome the dawn. “If I’m really good, Wish with all of my might, Could you please work some magic And turn it … Continue reading

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