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Reading tea leaves, first snow &chocolate eating mice ~ Mary Smith, AfghanistanAdventures#50

Reblogged from Mary Smith’s Place: Lal-sar-Jangal, December 1989 One of the few friends I’d made amongst the women was Aziz’s elderly mother who visited me sometimes to chat over a glass or two of tea. Unlike most of the women, … Continue reading

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Memory ~ Hayley R. Hardman #writephoto

Who knew what the old standing stones remembered. I ran my hand along their rough cut, damp moss covered surface as I walked around each one. Did they remember where they came from? Who brought them here and what worship … Continue reading

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Silence #midnighthaiku

  * Summer’s music stilled Winter whispers memories Motes of silence fall *      

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Wake #midnighthaiku

* Childhood remembered Wake to icing-sugar dawns Dreaming of magic *

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Chill ~ Catherine Ross #writephoto

The wet snow stuck to her boots as Cia tracked the rabbit that had escaped the trap. Her fingers have started to go numb as well as her nose. Frigid winds slapped her face and made her eyes water. The … Continue reading

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Notes from a Small Dog: Stuck

I am offended. I was always told it wasn’t nice to laugh at another’s misfortune. ‘Specially when they are s’pposed to be your best friend. I always knew my two-legs needed more training. Anyway, I’ll tell you about it and … Continue reading

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Dog-walking #midnighthaiku

* Sub-zero mornings Fingers freeze as the dog plays Snow would be warmer *

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Destination ~ Leanne Lieu #writephoto

A path between an avenue of trees. Shadows from hidden sunlight fall across the path, but mist obscures the way forward… “I love how we spend early mornings together. No one watches as we stride while holding hands. No one … Continue reading

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As good as it gets…

The window had blown out of the shed again with the overnight gale. The horns I’d been spraying gold in there needed rescuing from the garden. The car, the nice shiny car, now covered in sticky petals from the cherry … Continue reading

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Blossom #midnighthaiku

Before cherries bloom Spring’s carnival of colour Winter blossoms white

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