Battle lines…

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Image: William Blake – Hekate and the Moirai

“Defy me?” says Routine. “Try something new?” asks Habit.

“Yep,” cries Rebellion. “Absolutely!” answers Adventure.

Lines are drawn, this could get ugly. Mediocrity and Excitement peek out from their respective corners.  Wont and Want draw weapons….

Fate steps in as referee… demands to see their battle plans…

… and laughs…

“How about this for a suggestion?” says she. “Admit defeat.”

Rebellion and her cohorts cry out in protest determined to break the siege. Routine and his band stiffen belligerently…

“Think about it….” says Fate, a wise and knowing smile upon her face.

“Adventure will never admit defeat, “says Habit. “Rebellion always pushes the bounds…”

“Routine always tries to win,” protests Adventure. “Habit will never surrender quietly.”

“Exactly,” says Fate, looking just a little smug.

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Beyond the Pale… Stuart France


Falsity of judgement is not necessarily objectionable.

Rather, we ask, ‘Does it advance life and species?’

The most false, like logical fictions, can be most indispensable…

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Haze #midnighthaiku

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Distance – Penny Wilson #writephoto

The chill of winter holds tight

Accompanied by the savage wind.

The palled sun gives no warmth.

Does it light your way?

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The Recluse – Anurag Bakhshi- #writephoto

I ran away to the remotest corner of the earth, it was gorgeous, spectacular, stark

For I had a secret to hide, one which was just like me- ancient, terrible, dark

But still they came looking for me, they couldn’t just leave me alone

Forgetting the simple fact that if you look at Medusa, you will turn into stone.

Source: Jagah Dil Mein Honi Chahiye

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Residential Writing Course with Mary Smith


Some of the participants at one of the Durhamhill Creative Writing Courses

From March 13 to 15 I, along with historical novelist Margaret Elphinstone, am teaching on a residential creative writing course at Durhamhill, in a converted coaching house in the village of Kirkpatrick Durham, Dumfries & Galloway.

During spring and summer it is a very popular holiday let but outwith the season owner Juliet Caird has been hosting writing courses in March and November. There is a lovely paragraph on the Durhamhill website which reads: “When the weather is good, the courses can be conducted outside the house, in the inspirational surrounding countryside, perhaps at the giant stone circle seating area with views to the hills, or in the sunny, but more sheltered, orchard.” Not in Scotland in March or November, I’m afraid – though the countryside around is truly inspiring at any time of the year.

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Miles from Innisfree – Frank J. Tassone #writephoto

Miles from Innisfree

I, too, will rise, but I am miles from Innisfree. I am beside these standing stones that mark a bog’s edge. Water pierces the sea of its entrapping grass like a drowning swimmer. No soft footprints along what passes for a shore, save my own.

Where is my path forward? The bog yields no trail or solid ground. And beyond it, a line of trees before dark foothills–themselves towered over by whitecaps.

Where will I make my cabin? Where, my bean rows and honey hive? Where will I hear  lake waters lapping along a serene shore? Not in a heart too disturbed by the terrible beauty before me.

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