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Beneath ~ Trent P. McDonald #writephoto

This is now the 23rd chapter of “Of Wind and Wings”.  See the table of contents here.

“You seem awfully distracted this evening.”

Ed jolted himself back to the present and smiled.

“You have a good day with The Grubb, then?” Liza asked.

“Yes.  We went up into the mountains this afternoon.  It was lovely.”

Ed’s mind drifted back to the mountains, to the little lake with its pure, clear waters reflecting the high peaks.  He had sat beneath a tree just enjoying the peace and quiet while The Grubb studied a leaf.  Ed decided that this would forever be the place he would go in his mind when he needed to relax, his happy place.

Thinking of The Grubb, Ed remembered a question he had for Liza.

“Are there caves around here?”

“What?  Caves?”

“Yes.  A cavern system.  If not, perhaps mines or tunnels or something?”

Liza shook her head. “There are some shallow caves here and abouts, but nothing I would consider a ‘cavern system’.  There wasn’t any mining and no tunnels.  No.”

“What of Richard Barrow’s cave?”

“If such a place existed, it was most likely little more than a shelter from the storm, not a deep cavern.  Why this interest in caves all of sudden?  Have a strong urge to go spelunking?”

“No, it was something The Grubb said.  I asked if what he calls ‘The Others’ lived in the mountains.  He said they might visit, but they lived other places.  He said they didn’t live where we could see them.  He said they lived beneath.  When I asked ‘beneath what’, he shrugged and said ‘beneath’ again. So I was wondering if they were supposed to live in caves or what.”

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Striguil, December 1171 ~ Jane Dougherty #writephoto

The December lake is still, and the woods are bleak and leafless. Deer drift among the black trunks, and Evienne watches their shadows dappling the pale pebbles in the shallows. No one will come here until the spring, Richard not even then. But he will send her news of Chimâne’s young man and how he has acquitted himself. Aline, she will send across the sea to be married, to take up her role as chatelaine on the lands her betrothed has won. She will sail with Henry who is besotted enough with his Rosamund to make a safe escort.

William le Maréchal will whisper in Henry’s ear, as a favour, that Richard de Clare’s bastard daughter requires a passage to Ireland. As a favour, he will do it. There is something repugnant in William’s humourless manner, his utter rigidity. So much younger than Richard, but with the mien of an old man. He will never be seduced beneath the willows; he is not Richard. But he has the king’s ear.

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Chief Prince of Pen Rhionydd…


D: Before Merlin was a soothsayer he was a miraculous child who solved the mystery of Vortigern’s Tower.

W: What mystery was that?

D: Every time the tower was raised by Vortigern the hill on which it was built swallowed the tower whole.

W: And the answer to that mystery?

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Intercepted ~Maria #writephoto

Photo by Sue Vincent

Ebele opened the door.  “This is a surprise,” she remarked, stepping aside so that he could go inside.  After she closed the door she turned to face him.  “Let’s go into the living-room.”  She led the way.

They stood beside the fireplace.  Rhys met her gaze.  “I wanted to check and make sure that you’re all right.” It occurred to him that she could be in danger because of her husband.   Those who were responsible for his murder might assume that she knew more than she did and it was only a matter of time before they contacted her.  He should probably post a couple of officers to keep an eye on her.

“I’m fine.  Is that the only reason why you’re here?”

“No,” he admitted.  “I had to see you.  I was a fool to walk away from you—from what we had.  I hope it isn’t too late to start over.”

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Songs for the seasonally challenged III…

To the tune of God Rest ye Merry Gentlemen:

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God rest ye merry gentlemen…

There’ll be no rest for me!

I’ve got to cook and clean and wrap

And then put up the tree…

For Christmas cheer won’t make itself

That I can guarantee…

Oh, oh, we’ll bake the ‘comfort and joy’,

Wrap up a toy,

And that ruddy Christmas song will soon annoy…


“A woman’s work is never done”

And Christmas time is worst!

You never get a chance to breathe

For putting others first;

You cook and roast and decorate…

They eat until they burst!

Oh, all diets one Christmas will destroy,

Can you enjoy

Knowing e-e-lastic waistbands are a ploy..?


God rest ye merry gentlemen…

You ate the ruddy lot!

You stripped the turkey, ate the cheese,

And cleaned out every pot!

You drank the wine and fell asleep

After that second ‘shot’…

Oh, oh, tidying up is not a joy

Never a joy…

And sometimes I wish that I had been a boy.

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Beneath ~ Willow Willers #writephoto

What Lies Beneath

They say still waters run deep

Hiding the secrets that they keep.

Who knows what magic there might sleep.

Calling to you to take the leap.

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Ani’s Advent Calendar 2018! Cats, tennis balls and Merlin, with Jaye and Anita

I may have the odd tennis ball or two. Some call it obsession… I prefer passion, or dedication, ’cause I only use one at a time, except for special games (and I need a new plant pot for that, Santa, please!)

Learning to clean up..

She taught me to clean up my toys when I was little… and I found that cleaning up could be fun, ’cause if you shake the plant pot, the balls go everywhere, so you can chase them all over again 🙂

Photo of Ani in action by my son

I’ve had my favourite ball a long time… and my plant pot even longer.  I started with a small one, but you could barely get one ball in there. So, I got a bigger one that I emptied for myself… just being helpful, you know, though she didn’t see it that way. She seemed to have wanted the plant that was in it. But my pot has finallycollapsed and, so far, I haven’t found another that is just right. I’m hoping Santa will be able to find one for me.

My needs are simple. Gifts don’t have to be complicated and they don’t have to wait for Santa either. Take cats, for example… not that I’d be happy to find one under the tree…  most of them are happy with a bit of string to play with. But Merlin, who looks after Anita and Jaye,  is a cat after my own heart. He likes tennis balls too…

Merlin’s Letter

About Merlin’s two-legses

Find and follow Anita Dawes and Jaye Marie

Website    Twitter   Facebook   Jaye on Goodreads

Anita’s Amazon Author Page    Jaye’s Amazon Author Page

Anita Dawes Anita Dawes

Anita Dawes has been writing unusual fiction for the last 22 years. Her favourite novel, ‘Bad Moon’ has been circulated to all the best mainstream publishers over the years and their comments were inspiring to say the least. Averil Ashfield at Transworld said it was a powerful story… and Andy Mckillop at Arrow said that her imagination had a thoroughly nasty streak…
Barbara Levy (a literary agent) found ‘Bad Moon’ just too gruesome!

She tends to alternate between ‘horror’ and the ‘supernatural’, although all of her novels are based on different kinds of family units. It has been said that her writing is not for the fainthearted!
Although she is not a ‘silver surfer’ she has tried! But her sister-in-law, Jaye, has become one. She is typist, editor, proof reader and publisher rolled into one and it was her idea to publish Anita’s books on Kindle at Amazon.

…and Jaye Marie

Jaye Marie

My name is Jaye Marie, the ‘oily rag’ of the establishment our blog and up until recently, have always preferred to stay in the background.
Since we decided to publish our books ourselves, most of my other interests have had to take a back seat, and as I am not half as clever as I want to be, they may well have to leave the country for a while. Well, some of them can but not all. I am an avid Bonsai fan and have my collection that demands my attention in the growing season, or they will die. (it is a bit like having children).I have always preferred to be busy, although I did think that now I am over 70  I might be able to relax a bit more. I don’t think I can do that, not really; I’m too nosey. I have to be doing or looking or trying something new. I make plans in my head, knowing that I am probably wasting my time. But I just can’t help it.
For someone who loathes computers, I think I have learnt an awful lot. Not that much really, when you consider how much I still don’t know. But as long as there is life in this old body, I will keep on trying, and you never know, our books might just be a little famous one day!
It won’t be for the lack of trying, believe me!

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Moons of Mountain Ana: Vamp… Stuart France


Becky is beautiful

but kind and cruel,

in turns.


Her eyes flash when I call her a vamp,

and when I bad mouth her boyfriend.

 “You make me laugh,” she says, “can I kill you?”


She has the hair of a teenage friend,

the eyes of an old love, the profile and

features of a desirable aunt, the body of

the goddess Parvati, and a smile like paradise.


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Dance #midnighthaiku

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