Flight of the Seer II


…With this year’s April Workshop, we returned to source.

Five years ago, The Song of the Troubadour birthed our school and opened the gateway to three levels of Enneagram study.

This year we opened another gateway, which led into deeper levels of understanding, with a Song of the Stones.

Last year we moved through Mediaeval Courts, and Castles, and Fairy Forests, in search of the soul.

This year we danced with grace through the heart of that soul, and learned how to overcome fear.

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Carrot and Coals II… Stuart France


…I wait until I see Wen’s shoulders shaking with grief then go and collect her.

As I said earlier, I do not really know why she has to keep punishing herself in this way.

Foolishly, we walk back along the tops heading straight into the wind, which rips into us viciously its cold-laced edges buffeting, stinging and biting into our exposed flesh mercilessly.

The Telling Stone plays the same trick as the Mark Stone from earlier, looking twice its normal height from a distance and then halving in size as we move up close.

“How do they do that?”

“I really don’t know but maybe it’s not them at all.”

“What do you mean?”

“Maybe it’s us.”

“Maybe it is.”

“You have to put your hands on the stone.”

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Goldfinch #midnighthaiku

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Microfiction #writephoto: Children

Jane Dougherty Writes

This is for Sue Vincent’s Thursday Photo prompt.


The little girl backed out of the nursery with a frown on her face and shook her head.

“Go on, Dawn, have a look! This is the kind of playroom children had in the olden days.”

The child shook her head again. “Don’t like it.”

Her grandmother sighed in exaggerated exasperation and rolled her eyes for the benefit of Dawn’s mother. “I don’t know why you make such a fuss of her. You should have made her go with Tony to the zoo. She only says she doesn’t like to see animals in cages. All children like zoos.”

Dawn’s mother bristled. Her mother-in-law had been spoiling for a fight since she got into the car that morning. Since she and Darren had been married, come to that.

“Museums aren’t suitable for four-year-olds.” She ploughed on relentlessly. “You spoil her. I was only…

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Reena Saxena

Memories were refreshed every day

the nursery was kept intact

in anticipation of

visiting grandchildren.

Skype, Facetime

galore, but they

never came

to see


Nonet inspired by 

Sue Vincent’s #Writephoto

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Thursday Photo Prompt, #writephoto, Child,


This is my entry for Sue Vincent ofDaily Echo‘s #writephoto prompt.

​You have to usethe image below to create a post on your own blog… poetry, prose, humour… light or dark, whatever you choose, by noon (GMT)Wednesday 3rd Mayand link back to Sue’s postherewith a pingback. Pleasemake sure that the pingback works and if not, copy and paste your linkinto the comments section of that post.

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Thursday Photo Prompt, #writephoto, Child,

When Rachel awoke two days later she was destraugt to learn of her loss. So deep was her pain and grief that Lisa feared she would loose her.

Slowly Rachel responded to Lisa’s kindness and took food and water. To Lisa’s surprised Rachel refused to morph in to a human and remained wolf.

After a week she was strong again and told Lisa she…

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Thursday photo prompt – Child – #writephoto


Use the image below to create a post on your own blog… poetry, prose, humour… light or dark, whatever you choose, by noon (GMT)  Wednesday 3rd May and link back to this post with a pingback. Please make sure that the pingback works and if not, copy and paste your link into the comments section of this post.

Don’t forget to use the #writephoto hashtag in your title so your posts can be found.

You can find all last week’s entries in the round-up. Please visit and read the stories and poems and explore the sites of their writers.

I will feature as many entries as I can on the blog during the week, but given the volume of contributions we are getting every week, that will not be all of them! All posts will be included in a round up on Thursday 4th May.

Feel free to use #writephoto logo or include the prompt photo in your post if you wish or you can replace it with one of your own to illustrate your work.

Have fun!

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