Into Spirit…

Sue Vincent

14th September 1958 – 29th March 2021


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Web of Light…

The Hero’s journey, Sunday, 8th May, 2022…

She carries their gifts… the dead ones, their souls in hers, more than memory.

– Giants Dance


Take the pouch of seed-stones and hold them close to your heart centre…

Close your eyes… And place into the seed stones your loving intent for growth… And completion…

And a link to attune with them at will…

And then open your eyes, turn and plant some seed stones close to the standing stone or stones with which you have felt resonance…

After you have done this leave your blessing on the stone or stones…

And then walk to the centre of the circle…


After the gestural keys of the Chariot and Lovers our adventurers are given time alone with the ancestors…


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The Daughters of Meg…

The Hero’s Journey – Saturday, 7th May, 2022…

Long Meg and her shadow – The situation of Long Meg predates that of her Daughters because it is clear that her shadow path helped determine the construction points for their circle.


Between the years 3500 and 2500 BC it was possible to see Deneb, the central star of the constellation Cygnus (the Swan), and the Dark Rift, setting on the horizon from Long Meg…

The axis of the stone circle at Avebury, was aligned with the setting of Deneb in 2600 BC…

Wayland Smithy, constructed circa 3500 BC was also aligned with this star.


Local folk lore refers to Long Meg and her Daughters as a Meg Meldon, a local wise-woman, and her coven of witches who were turned to stone by the wizard Michael Scott because they danced on the Sabbath.

Scott allegedly put magic on the site by ensuring that it was impossible to gain an accurate count of the stones.

Over seventy stones were said to have comprised the circle before Lieutenant Colonel Samuel Lacy dynamited some of them in 1725.

Work on the destruction of the site, however, was halted when a storm of such intensity blew in that the labourers, tasked with the job, fled for their lives.

Lacy later turned his energies to reconstructing and preserving the site and was responsible for carving out the grotto of caves nearby on the River Eden, now known as Lacy’s Caves…

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The Ogmios Line…

The Heroes Journey – Friday, May 6th, 2022…

Castlerigg Stone Circle


“…Will you forge the straight track for us, old friend?”

Merlin asked the giant.

Ogmios’ eyes gleamed in the starlight.

Swords of Destiny


The straight tracks, a term which Alfred Watkins introduced to the world in his seminal work, The Old Straight Track, are now better known as leys.

When last we ventured to Castlerigg for a workshop we were considering the Belinus-Elen line which runs along the spine of the country from Dragon Hill in Old Wiltshire, and passes through a number of sites in Cumbria, which once formed a part of Old Scotland.

Although we ended our workshop at Castlerigg we were acutely aware that it did not form a part of that ley.

As it turned out Castlerigg is on what is known as The Ogmios Line, along with Callanish, on the Outer Hebridean Isle of Lewis, which we have recently visited, and Maiden Castle, the gigantic earth-worked hill-fort which formed the end point of our Dorset workshop in the summer of 2018.

Given that the tracks which Watkins studied were primarily concerned with travel on land, The Ogmios Line, which now passes over sea, must be very old indeed.

In Irish mythology Ogmios is also known as Ogma-Sun-Face and he was credited with the invention of the Ogham letters of the druidic tree alphabet.

As a god of eloquence Ogmios was often depicted as an aged figure with a line of acolytes literally hanging from his every word. Their ears being linked, by golden chains, to his tongue!

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UPS, Lost Stones and a question of Time

derbyshire lambs hawk kestrel crone stone tideswell lillingstone 019

The four of us donned what protective gear we had with us and set off over the moor.

It soon became evident that we should have brought Wellingtons.

Stuart was the only one thus sensibly clad and my walking shoes are only waterproof until the sodden peat and pooled water rises higher than the ankle.

At least it wasn’t raining.

derbyshire lambs hawk kestrel crone stone tideswell lillingstone 004

It was a perfect morning, really.

The clouds rolled low across the hilltops, drawing a veil over a landscape already shrouded in mystery.

Glacial boulders strew the moors, the striations of pressure still visible after millions of years.

In such a place it is not easy to distinguish the hand of man… until you know what you are seeking.

Then you cannot miss it.

derbyshire lambs hawk kestrel crone stone tideswell lillingstone 013

The four of us squelched through the boggy ground in search of a drier path.

The irony was that we had chosen this route to avoid the one we had taken the last time we were here, where water ran like a stream, and pooled in every hollow.

That day we had been alone and we have become accustomed to finding ourselves with soggy feet on our explorations.

This time, we were with friends… and the baptism of chilly mud seemed a poor welcome.

derbyshire lambs hawk kestrel crone stone tideswell lillingstone 011

We had arranged to meet author Graeme Cumming and his partner again… it had been decided that we  would play out on the moors before lunch, so Stuart and I were going to take them to see an unusual site and a very special standing stone.

If… and where Stuart and standing stones are concerned, it was a big ‘if’… it was still where we had left it.

They have a habit of going walkabout…

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The Sleeping Giant…

harvest being 2014 060


… After watching the, again, somewhat recalcitrant sun-up, we decide to head back for breakfast via the cluster of, albeit haphazardly, positioned stones which we have come to call ‘the recumbents’.

This is something of a risk, as we do not yet know what the stones represent and our Companions will undoubtedly be expecting a little more than, ‘we have a vague notion based on the feel of this place that it is something, although, we are not quite sure what.’

However, as an example of how we work, in and with the landscape, it is accurate and will highlight the experiential approach which both we and the ancients favour.

And this we do, telling the story of the site’s gradual introduction to our consciousness and the subsequent discoveries over the course of our last few visits.

We don’t have an ending, of course, except that we now do and that ending has become a beginning for, as we turn to leave the site by a slightly different route than we have done previously, Wen sees it.

“It’s a giant’s head and breast!”…


This formation of stones, cunningly crafted into an unmistakable form, by the ancients, stands on the edge of Ilkley Moor and can be seen from the beer garden of the Cow and Calf hotel…

From that vantage though, it does not look quite like the photograph, above, which was taken after a ‘greeting the sun’ on one of our early landscape workshops.

The art of the ancients depended in large part of finding the correct perspective from which to see things…

Which in landscape terms translates as discovering the right angle from which to look…

We stumbled on the form above or, alternatively, were gifted it because we took the time to listen to the land, entered into a ‘conversation’ with it, and undertook to share this process with others…

In this respect the land really does behave like a Cauldron of Plenty, which the ancient myths speak about with such awe and reverence…

Indeed, awe and reverence are two of the keys which will unlock the magic of the land and its living, breathing, loving reality.

Once this is done, as Sue and I found, the world shows forth its true colours…

Sue’s sobriquet in her family of boys was, ‘the hobbit’, which although she pretended to hate, she in fact quite liked, as she was a huge fan of Tolkien, and she also ‘begrudgingly’ allowed me to use the moniker… If done carefully, and sparingly…

At Sue’s funeral last March we walked out to the theme from the recent series of films of that name…

Sue was, it is true, a woman of small, if not diminutive, stature, yet that frame held a heart big as a cauldron, and a spirit that would gladly take on the gods…

Sue grew up on the moors and wrote a fictional tale encapsulating her love of their wild and rugged beauty which was published as, Swords of Destiny.

A year on from her premature departure from the world she loved we returned to mark her passing at the landscape form which she discovered on the edge of her beloved moor.

Maybe you would like to do the same if ever you are passing that way…

You will, though, have to find it first!

Spring 2022


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A Magical Walk – Alethea Kehas

I’ve come to the conclusion the best magic is that which arises unbeckoned and fills the soul with joy. During a family trip to California over the Thanksgiving holiday week, I had the pleasure of encountering this type of magic more than once.

We took the path ahead, which leads to Lizard Rock. You can just make out its profile in the tiny peak to the left of the center of the distant hill.

On the second morning of our stay in Thousand Oaks, my husband, daughter ventured to a nearby system of trails and left my sleep son behind in the hotel. A mere ten minutes drive from where we were staying, we were afforded several paths to choose from for our morning hike. After debating between Paradise Falls (which likely had no water to offer) and Lizard Rock, we chose the trail leading to the head of the dragon. We could just make out its profile on the far horizon and it seemed to beckon us…

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Michael Gunner defends his ‘Gold-Standard Gulag’…

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SEE: October Zoom Cyber Room…

Photograph – courtesy, the estate of Sue Vincent

(All Tarot Card Images – Rider Waite Deck)


The Silent Eye’s October Explorations Zoom Talk

The Thousandth Face – breaking through from the ordinary

Jospeh Campbell’s book, ‘The Hero with a Thousand Faces’, sold over a million copies.

In it, using his knowledge of philosophy and psychology, Campbell describes how all human myths share a common fundamental structure, which he called the Monomyth.

Essentially ‘the hero’s adventure’ is summarised as:

The hero ventures forth from the world of the common day into a region of supernatural wonder. Fabulous forces are encountered and a decisive victory won. The hero comes back from this mysterious adventure with the power to bestow good fortune on his fellow man.

The ‘Mono-Myth’ describes a number of key stages or steps along the way:


The hero’s adventure begins in the ordinary world with a call to adventure…

The Hobbit – Bilbo seated outside his Hobbit Hole smoking a pipe in the morning light.

The Matrix – Neo’s mundane job in a tech company.

The Arthurian Mythos – The Knights seated around the Round Table in the hall of Camelot

Tarot Card – The Devil, In this instance,

represents the Egoic Nature.


…The hero sometimes initially refuses the call to adventure…

The Hobbit – Bilbo Refuses to have anything to do with adventures when first invited and then tells Gandalf that he ‘has got the wrong hobbit.

The Matrix – Neo follows the white rabbit but when following Morpheus’ instructions to avoid the Agents he fails to cross the abyss of the skyscraper and is captured.

The Biblical Myth of Jonah – The call from God in this instance is flatly refused by Jonah who tries to flee onboard a ship. After a number of negative events which the crew ascribe to Jonah he is thrown overboard to save the ship from further mishaps and swallowed by a whale which regurgitates him alive back at Ninevah.

Tarot Card – The Blasted Tower: The Egoic Nature

is penetrated by Higher Forces.


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Lest you doubt who you are – Alethea Kehas

I have been missing Sue, I’m sure I always will. Some days the pull to feel her presence is stronger than others. The other day, a friend of mine asked if I had reached out to her across the veil. Deliberately parting the veil is not something I do often these days. I have grown weary of the numinous and perhaps a bit distrustful. So many conspiracies and lunacies are now attached to the spiritual communities, yet there are aspects of home that cannot be denied when one steps into the space of silence. I’d like to think I heard her voice, again, in these words who are not just for me, but for anyone who doubts who they are. I share them here with visuals from the wonderful photographers on Pexels, open to individual interpretation…

You are evergreen boughs seeking water


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Weland Mind-Weld…

14th September 2021…


‘On such a day as this two fools who laughed at death

embarked upon the adventure of a lifetime…’


…Today, the adventure is all but over

with just a sealing of fire

and water, inevitably, and air, and earth still to accomplish…

‘Stones for the earth,’ he said.


Comparisons with our first trip here together are unavoidable.

Dragon Hill looms equally unexpectedly,

and is also just as gracefully, ‘unoccupied’.



Had we known then what we now know

would things have been different?

‘About the hilt of Albion’s sword…’


Small wonder it’s difficult not to

lose balance when approaching this point.

Think what could have been done.

And still can…

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