Circles Beyond Time – Cairnfields


There are some places that seem to have a timeless quality. As if, when you step within their atmosphere, you step beyond the constraints of place and time; you could be anywhere…and anywhen. This little stretch of moor is such a place. Patches of heather were still in full bloom, stones lie hidden in the bracken and reeds, quite appropriately, mark the path of underground streams.


We had gathered for lunch on Baslow, just a few minutes’ drive away and taken a little time out to settle after the morning at Gardom’s. The afternoon would be spent amongst the cairns and circles of Barbrook. It is a strange place. At first glance… and if you stick to the wide track across the moor… there seems to be little to see. Yet this small area is rich in archaeology. Like most of the Derbyshire sites, the stones are small and little shows above the summer vegetation, unless you know where to look. But almost as soon as you step onto the moor, you begin to feel it.


We left the main track immediately; that had been put in place for modern access. We headed west, following a path we had found when the vegetation was lower by following the stones into the moor. Going that way also means that you complete the circle widdershins, rather than deosil… anti-clockwise, against the movement of the sun, rather than clockwise. To those of us who have studied and worked in the Western Mysteries or magical traditions, this really did ‘go against the grain’ at first, but we have found that at many of the older sites, this seems to be the natural way to move around them.


As Helen said when this subject had been raised, perhaps the coming of Christianity and the subsequent demonisation of earlier pagan practices accounts for why moving widdershins has been associated with darker paths and bad luck. Another factor may be that the majority of the ancient sites we visit were built either for ritual or as part of the realm of the dead. Both would have been seen as gateways to the Otherworld that runs ‘at a tangent’ to our own… and perhaps that is why they require the opposite approach from sites pertaining to the lands of the living. Oddly enough, we still walk instinctively clockwise when we visit a church. It as if the site itself dictates the ritual of movement, if you listen.

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#Writephoto – Lights by Cynthia M. Morgan

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Out from under

Into the out from beneath

As I bequeath

This Light in Tranquil form

Escape from the Lowering

Lower Escape

Into the Lights of Brevity’s face

Place Unknown

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Pyre #midnighthaiku


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Canal Reflections

writing in north norfolk

Firefly reflections splash

Inky canal water,

Citric paint rinsed

From the badger brush

Of a Dutch master.

Against the interplay

Of twilight and shadow,

Charcoal scratches

Of lacy willow

Veil a violet sky.

Framed by a coal-black arch

Like the lens

Of the tow-path walker’s eye,

A masterpiece unfolds

Beyond the damp echoes

Of the bridge,

A frostier focus and a clearer view,

Of a snow-covered ridge

Bathed in festive phosphorescence,

A distillation of the season’s quintessence.

© Kim M. Russell, 2016


My response to Sue Vincent – Daily EchoThursday photo prompt – Lights #writephoto


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Thursday photo prompt – Lights #writephoto

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Oh thanks Sue! This one was made for me!
Thursday photo prompt – Lights #writephoto

writephoto logo

How he yearned for Home, and the comfort only his wife could bring.
The sweet aroma of home cooking and fresh bread.
He could almost smell it, taste it now.
He could see the lights ahead beyond the bridge.
Just as it had always been, just as he remembered.
How long had it been? Ten years, twenty?
His children would be grown now.

Alone he had travelled.
No choice, but to get in the boat and cast off all those years ago.
He had foraged along the river banks, kept out of sight by hunting at night.
He left no mark of his passing, covered his tracks and disposed of any rubbish.
Nothing was left to chance of his discovery.
He became a ghost, a fugitive, but it was not of his making.
Having come…

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Circles Beyond Time – Sorrow – by Helen Jones

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This is the continued story of my weekend away with The Silent Eye. Please click here for instalment one and two.

After the visit to Carl Wark and an excellent dinner, I returned to my hotel unable to do anything other than watch TV for a while before falling asleep, thoughts of finishing my short story gone in the face of my experiences on the hill. Besides, I thought, I can look at it tomorrow.


Despite all the travelling the previous day, I woke early, and was one of the first people down for breakfast in the old oak-beamed dining room. Once finished, I realised I had an hour or so to spare before being picked up, so decided to take a look around Hathersage. Sue had mentioned that I should visit the church, so I upon leaving the hotel I headed left, taking a cobbled path between stone cottages towards where Google Maps told me the church should be. I came to a long muddy road and turned left again, following a glimpse of spire above the trees. After being splashed by an enthusiastically muddy spaniel, I found a gravelled path leading past mossy stone walls. The sign on the tree helped, too. ;-D

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Thursday photo prompt – Lights #writephoto


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