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Begging The Question ~ Fandango #writephoto

“You know,” Andy said as they were standing on the edge of the outcropping looking out at a beautiful orange sunset, “I was smitten from moment I first laid eyes on you.”

“Aw, what a lovely thing to say,” Arlene responded. “I admit that I was taken with you, as well.”

“Hard to believe that was nearly six months ago, isn’t it?” Andy said. “My passion for you hasn’t subsided at all. And that first time we were intimate, oh my.”

“Yes,” Arlene said with a sigh. “that memory is a durable one, that’s for sure.”

Suddenly dropping to one knee, Andy pulled out a small, blue velvet box from his pocket. Opening it and exposing a diamond engagement ring, he said, “Arlene, you are the love of my life. On this Valentine’s Day, I’d be honored if you would agree to be my wife so that we can spend the rest of our lives together in holy matrimony.”

“Um, no,” Arlene said matter of factly.

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Camping ~ Michael #writephoto


She convinced me that camping would be fun, away from the rat race of town and out in nature without a care in the world.

I was never one for roughing it, afraid of things biting me, crawling on me and generally being in my face when I’d prefer they weren’t.

She had the perfect place she said, away in the mountains, quiet and peaceful.

On that score she was right. It was certainly quiet, in fact at one stage I thought the silence would kill me and then it got dark and the night creatures starting doing what they do best, making a lot of noise.

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My New Book Is Coming!


I had a bit of a shock recently when I realised it was nearly five years ago when, The Siege, my first book of short stories came out. So I think another one is long overdue! It’s not as if readers haven’t been asking for another one; it’s just been something that I’ve always meant to get round to but simply haven’t.

So when’s the book coming out? I hear you cry. I’ll be releasing details of my launch day soon. The cover is being designed as you read this and I should be able to let you see a sneak preview very soon.

To whet your appetite, here’s a little bit about the new book, A Walk in the Woods:

autumnal stroll through the woods, colourful leaves crunching underfoot, the
air fresh on the face, laughter and lightness portraying a happy mother and
daughter scene. But…

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Learning life’s lessons ~ Tallis Steelyard

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Learning life's lessons. Penelope Elias

It has to be said that education within the city of Port Naain is sporadic. Most people acquire some, but often we find out the hard way. One soon learns that there are certain people one does not offend, and certain back streets one does not linger in. Sometimes education includes literacy and numeracy, but these are gifts it often bestows on those who have learned the more dangerous lessons first.

Indeed within the city there isn’t really the concept of being a ‘teacher’ as a trade. The children of the wealthy will have a governess who does, as part of her role, teach them to read and write. The children of those less well heeled might aspire to attend a dame school or similar where a lady who has some education will attempt to share it with those whose parents can afford the small fee. But nobody ever trains to be a teacher. As Calina Salin said, “We all teach and we’re all pupils.” Admittedly she was talking about dance but I have no doubts but that she has captured the essence of the situation.

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A New Relationship~ Maria #writephoto

The day was almost at an end and a new day was on its way.  And speaking of new, he wanted to pursue a new and exciting relationship but first he had to end this one.  For several minutes, he stood there, staring ahead at the setting sun, hands shoved deep in his pockets, trying to figure out how to tell her that after five years of being together, he wanted to walk.  What if she asked if there was someone else?  What should he tell her?  Yes?  That the woman he wanted to leave her for was her manager?  The manager she didn’t get along with?  The manager she was always complaining to him about?  The manager whose eyes she wanted to scratch out?

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There is mystery upon mystery here.

We can begin to see why the Bards of Erin

might have been so enamoured of these stories.

They would certainly have ‘nutted out’ the names

of Abraham’s man servants…


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New ~ Di #writephoto

‘Do you remember when we first came here?’ she asked.
‘Sure. We hadn’t been together long.’
‘It was new beginning for both of us. We put our pasts behind us and started a new life together.’
‘I proposed to you here. I remember that night, your hair had hi-lights that shone like gold.’
She laughed.

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#Bookreview – Mr Fox and the Green Man

A lovely surprise review from Robbie…

Roberta Writes

book reviews

Sue VincentMister Fox and the Green Man Kindle Edition

What Amazon says

“Foxes, Welch!”
When Special Agent Tommy Welch is called into Tee’s office, he has little idea of the perils of his latest assignment. Accompanied by the sensuous Miss Hunnyfludd, Welch believes he is to investigate an outbreak of mysterious Foxes. Instead Tommy finds himself flung far back in time, to the court of King Arthur, where a Green Knight is about to extend a deadly challenge…

Within the humorous spoof that frames the story, the reader is transported to Camelot to witness the confrontation of Gawain and the Green Knight. Based upon the story that lies deep at the heart of Arthurian lore, the threefold nature of the ancient myth unfolds…

My review

This is a most unusual book which presents three concepts from English mythology in the form of a graphic novel. It was not what I originally expected but I did enjoy this unique idea…

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Having just driven hundreds of  miles of the length and breadth of England, I can confirm that, in spite of any wintry surprises that the weather might yet have in store, as far as the earth is concerned, spring has definitely sprung. I know those roads so well now, that I can asses the progress of the seasons by the flowers that bloom in individual gardens and hedgerows. Amongst the first harbingers of spring  are a drift of snowdrops near Ashbourne in Derbyshire. They are planted on a south-facing slope in the shelter of a wall and, every year, seem to be amongst the very first to bloom. Quite often, their green and white freshness is lost against the last of the snow, while, half a mile away in a north facing copse, another carpet of snowdrops still waits for the first touch of the sun.

By the time these woodland snowdrops are in bloom, there are already great swathes of white across the country, brightening the shadows. The purples and sulphurous yellow of the crocuses come next, and the blue stars of glory-of-the-snow. By the time the daffodils are opening in my village, there are pansies brightening the borders and the earliest blossom is starring dark, leafless branches.

A tree-covered hillside that epitomises the clichéd ‘sea of green’ in summer and which wears deepest mourning through the winter months… now blushes rosily as buds form on bare branches. Leaves unfurl on rose and clematis, fields are beginning to glow with the brilliant yellow of rapeseed and daisies are scattered everywhere.

Fields that have borne the greyish tinge of winter are suddenly fresh and lush, with the unmistakable green of spring. Birds are nesting, and, here and there, the first tiny lambs explore a brand new world.

Home again, I look out at the mud patch of a garden, decimated by drought, snow and a digging dog, still waiting for me to find the strength, time and energy to dig the flower-beds that I miss. Its single flower-bed is bare for the moment. My roses are yet to waken. But, for once, I don’t mind. Beyond it are the fields and trees… and spring is happening. Why worry about a few feet of garden when there is a whole world of life and beauty out there to savour?

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