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Guest author – Traci Kenworth: Doing it Afraid

  I’ve been afraid my whole life. When I was in school, from elementary to high school, I was bullied. I came from a poor family and didn’t have the right clothes, looks, or weight. I’ve always written. I used … Continue reading

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The demon list

I went to bed at half past one, The list was almost halfway done But then, it only lists by item… Some jobs last ad infinitum. So that mid-point is false you see But the illusion comforts me… I can … Continue reading

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So it’s eight o’clock on a morning and you’re perched on the end of the eldest son’s bed while the lazy toad has you wait on him hand and foot, discussing the merits of beard oil, the latest blog post … Continue reading

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The blurb

“We already have the blurb!” “We do?” “We do!” “‘Coyote is a Native American culture hero, buffoon, and trickster figure who mixes animal and human traits to mostly comic, often catastrophic, and sometimes salutary effect.’ Not quite how I’d have … Continue reading

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Deep by Joelle LeGendre #writephoto

He sat, back straight at the table, pulling his heavy oak chair closer to it. White hair parted from the left, framing a formidable face etched by the ravages of time.  Sharp green eyes sparkled just a little at the … Continue reading

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Paper wings

In sleepless silence night mourns the dreaming lost to a fallen star. Shadows chase the ghosts of morning, ever seeking to consume them, jealous of their light. Paper wings flutter unheeded to the floor in flightless death. The wakeful poet … Continue reading

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It’s Finally Here! – Graeme Cumming

Reblogged from Graeme Cumming: Okay, guys, it’s taken a while, but I can confirm that, at long last, Ravens Gathering is available in paperback. At present, it is only available in the UK, but as it has been referred to … Continue reading

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