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Weland Mind-Weld…

14th September 2021… * ‘On such a day as this two fools who laughed at death embarked upon the adventure of a lifetime…’ * …Today, the adventure is all but over with just a sealing of fire and water, inevitably, … Continue reading

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I decided to NEVER write fiction again~ Guest Post by @marysmithwriter #humor #writing

Reblogged from Barb Taub and Mary Smith: When you’re writing what you love, it’s the most fun you can have with your clothing still on, unless of course you write naked. —Don Roff My dog Peri is glad Mary Smith … Continue reading

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Bestseller :D #midnighthaiku

fragile illusions ephemeral ambitions bestseller status 😀 Well, come on… it is almost always the dog who makes the bestseller list at Amazon… just once before I die, itis rather nice to beat her to the post… knock Robert Frost … Continue reading

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* For purveyors of the Prevailing View, to be a self is the primal vice and to die to self, in feeling, will, and intellect is the final virtue. * It can only be the memory of such formulations that … Continue reading

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China my China…

* ‘In its essentials, Indian alchemy is the same as Western, and Chinese alchemy, although set in a completely different spiritual climate, can throw light on both…’ – Titus Burckhardt … We took up the collapsed form in our arms … Continue reading

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Vice Versa…

* If a human mind can directly influence the matter within its body, then a divine mind ought to be capable of imposing form upon a formless chaos or even thinking substance and forms into existence. * Continue reading at … Continue reading

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* We can understand something of what lies beyond our experience by examining analogous cases that lie within it. * The relationship between the world, divinity, and the divine source, Continue reading at France & Vincent

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* What is This That you are? * It has a personal aspect that is wise, merciful, and good. Continue reading at France & Vincent

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Turisaz * …Merlin was still lamenting his plight; ‘How does it happen that the seasons are so different? Spring provides leaves and flowers, Summer gives crops, Autumn ripe apples, but then Winter’s ice wastes all! O, that there were no … Continue reading

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First Things First…

* ‘…In the Golden Book of the Golden Game a Golden Angel wrote my name…’ We wish to speak now of a curious incident in which we were involved and which is not wholly unlike some of the legends so … Continue reading

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