The Silent Eye – A Modern Mystery School

Weekend workshop, April 2013. Image by Matt Baldwin-Ives

Weekend workshop, April 2013. Image by Matt Baldwin-Ives

Every so often the unseen forces behind our day to day life take an unexpected shift and we find ourselves in situations we could not have envisaged a short while ago. One such has swept my life clean since 2012 in order to begin a new phase of the spiritual work I have been quietly engaged in for decades.

In Derbyshire in April 2013 my co-director, Steve Tanham, and I officially launched a new, modern School of Consciousness, The Silent Eye. Alongside us was Stuart France, the third of our triad and together we brought the School into being.

The Triad - Directors of the Silent Eye, Ilkley 2014

The Directors of the Silent Eye, Ilkley 2014

The School seeks to provide a new approach to an ancient vision, a way of working that dovetails with everyday life in our busy world and builds a Temple of the Moment in the consciousness of the student. Steve wrote of the School:

“By studying ourselves in the World with a new form of honesty, of personal truth, we come to build a space within, a Chamber of Active Silence, wherein we realise that the World is not actually painted on our eyeballs, but that there exists a tiny gap of real Self, that we can cultivate with specific guidance; and whose trail leads within – eventually to the inner Master of our own consciousness, returning to a house made tidy.

This knowledge is not new – it would be the poorer if we had created it. It comes from Masters of the ancient past. But we can attempt to give it a new life and a new language for the digital age.

And we dare to do this, because it is needed.”

And this is what we have done.

So we work to build the school and provide a secure foundation for what we will share through the school’s correspondence course and our regular workshops and talks. We host a yearly residential weekend workshop, open to all, where ritual drama, laughter and the sharing of knowledge open a way for all of us who attend. Full details of our events and workshops can be found on this site, under ‘events’ and on the School’s website, or you can download the Silent Eye Brochure 2015  pdf by clicking the highlighted link.

Steve Tanham, Stuart France, Sue Vincent... photo by Matt Baldwin-Ives

Steve Tanham, Stuart France, Sue Vincent… photo by Matt Baldwin-Ives

Our residential workshops are well attended and people travel thousands of miles to be with us… not just School members, but Companions on this spiritual journey who come from many paths and schools.

Our own membership is wide and we have students on four continents, from many spiritual traditions.

It is not a light commitment to give one’s future to an undertaking such as this and we know that as we build what is needed we will have bound our futures to the new school. But when the inner world drives, one has two choices… to listen and accept the responsibility, or to walk away.

We have chosen to listen and take up the gauntlet thus thrown.

Wish us well.

Please visit our website for further details of the school and forthcoming events.

You can also find us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

The School aims to be as accessible as possible in the modern world. We are committed to being as environmentally friendly as is practical and to operate on a strictly not-for-profit basis.

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18 Responses to The Silent Eye – A Modern Mystery School

  1. How exciting! Congratulations, and may your journey be wondrous, fulfilling, and affirming.

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  2. Excellent … Hope this works well for you

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  3. shellakers says:

    I would LOVE to know more about this. Keep us posted!

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    • Sue Vincent says:

      We launch in six days 🙂 And i will be posting as often as I can.

      There is a lot more on the website.. do have a wander when you have a moment.

      There is also a forum for discussion, open to all, where we have the healing list.

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      • shellakers says:

        I just bookmarked the website. I don’t know much about it yet but it sounds like the idea I have about how we all connected through he universe. I think that’s what/who God really is. We all have different ideas and names for God but my own belief is that he/she is beyond anything we can comprehend as humans. IDK… just a thought.

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        • Sue Vincent says:

          I think you are right.. but I feel the relationship is a closer one than that. We often use words that imply a distance between Man and God.. whatever Name we use.. but I feel that we are of It, and It is intimately part of all creation.


          • shellakers says:

            I know what you mean because my mom believes the same as you. That we’re all part of God and we make up what God is. I think that’s what you mean. The weird thing is that she raised us STRICT Catholic so I kind of stayed somewhere in between what you believe and what I was taught to believe as a Catholic. Weird that Mom became an atheist and then now believes this. lol Not that it’s a weird thing to believe… just the way she went about the change.

            You could be right and I’m sure we’ll all find out one day 🙂 It’s definitely something I’d love to learn more about though!

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            • Sue Vincent says:

              My own journey went round an odd track.. I think they have to. What we are taught is one thing, what we come to Know for ourselves is another, and the only true way to a faith of the heart.

              It is what we will be teaching in the new School that launches in six days ( imaging me panicking quietly) .. this journey into the self to find what lies behind and within us. Have a look at the website if you are interested, the link is on the Silent Eye tab at the top of the blog 🙂


              • shellakers says:

                Yes, I’ve been looking at the website. I haven’t read it all though yet 🙂

                I can ONLY imagine how you must be panicking but this is what you’re destined to do so do panic too much. Every little thing will be alright 🙂 What is supposed to work out WILL work out. Saying a prayer that you can calmly get there. lol

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              • Sue Vincent says:

                The panic is only habit after all. Underneath is pure calm. Though i could have done with the sewing machine surviving till I’d done… 🙂
                Thank you. It is going to be a beautiful Launch 🙂


  4. alohaleya says:

    i checked out the silent eye website…wonderful work that you are doing! i wish you all the very best. namaste.

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  5. supernova1c says:

    This is wonderful concept Sue, self discovery, inner peace and an understanding of one’s innermost self is so important to me also. I must admit there have been times (and no doubt will be again) when I found all my thoughts irrational and self destructive, my perception at a tangent to the truth of it.
    All this caused by me not being able to control my thoughts about outside influences which were hurting me.
    I’ll follow your other blog with great interest Sue, smashing!
    All the best, James 🙂

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    • Sue Vincent says:

      Thank you, James. It is something we are passionate about and feel there is a gret need for. There is nothing we can teach that is not already within folks themselves, but somtimes we all need a hand opening the doors 🙂


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