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If I say that I spent the day in a hot tub, does that conjure for you an image of decadence, pampering and relaxation? Do you think of lazing beneath the sunlit blue of a warm spring sky, champagne, perhaps, … Continue reading

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  There were always flowers. Orchids pinned upon a mother’s breast, All lace and diamonds. Long black gloves And painted lips, As she left, laughing. A child who watched As the door closed. There were flowers… Yellow tulips, Cellophane and … Continue reading

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A photograph…

Looking for photographs, I opened a folder on the computer. The first image I came across had me unexpectedly in tears. I have seen it hundreds of times and simply smiled, if a little wistfully. Yet this time, for some … Continue reading

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#writephoto Fading – Robbie Cheadle

Sue Vincent has given us the word fading and the photograph above for her Thursday photo prompt. You can join in the fun here: https://scvincent.com/2017/09/07/thursday-photo-prompt-fading-writephoto/. This is what this combination conjured up for me. Fading Our holiday feels long ago … Continue reading

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The walking dead…

We had been engaged in one of those long existential debates, discussing life, death and the possibilities of what might come before and after. The debate had gone on for some time, discussion had gone deep and we had covered … Continue reading

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The spinner

She sits and spins, A tapestry of wonders taking shape and life Between her vision and her words. Her mind a world away From errant children setting out To carry the spark of life To a new dawning. And yet, … Continue reading

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The Road Home – Bernadette #Writephoto

GOLDEN DAWN I got the telephone call on a day that the whole country had been thrown into confusion.  Mom, please come get me.  I want to come home. The horror that hit the country caused all flights to be … Continue reading

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Black tinsel

I was reluctantly obliged to shop today and saw black tinsel on sale. It seems somehow a rather odd departure from the usual cheery red, green and gold. But then, there is a lot of that about. The Christmas countdown … Continue reading

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Eating dinosaurs

From the archives: “Well it has your dinosaurs in.” “What?” My son lounged on the bed looking perplexed. We were talking about yoghurts. “Acidophilus.” “Oh yeah. Well what’s yours then?” “Bifidus.” “Not the same beastie then.” We had established some … Continue reading

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Raw penguins and curried sons

From the archives: “Just posting the magpies…” “I thought you’d got stuck..” “I’ll let you see the magpie if it comes out okay” “Cool. Remember – fast shutter equals sharp penguins!” “Sadly a lot of the penguins are so far … Continue reading

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