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Also Temples…

‘Vitruvian Man’ *** Many, if not all, geometric forms can be used as templum, and the diagrammatic glyphs of most spiritual systems can be mapped on to the form of the human body after a three-fold pattern. Despite exoteric claims … Continue reading

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The Belcherman…

Sir Toby Belcher * With the vanguard of the Globotomists now fighting fervently on all fronts of the known world, the homeland has been entrusted to the safe-hands of former men of substance and stature, a little time-worn now, perhaps, … Continue reading

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The New Mediaevalism…

* St George ‘cradling’ or ‘choking’ a baby dragon? (Nuremberg Chronicle 493) * ‘Our un-elected leaders murder millions of us in real-time then appear on televisual entertainment programmes to appeal for our forgiveness. * The health service routinely puts to … Continue reading

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H. R. R. Gorman reviews Finding Don and Wen…

A five star review on Amazon of “Finding Don and Wen” from author, H. R. R. Gorman… Intriguing Delve into Mystery and Growth This short little book is deceptively deep. While on its surface just a collection of letters, Finding … Continue reading

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Colleen Cheesebro reviews Finding Don and Wen…

A wonderful review on Amazon of “Finding Don and Wen” from poet and author, Colleen Cheesebro… Listen to the living land to learn its history! This book explores the actual experiences of two friends through letters as they scrutinize the … Continue reading

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China my China…

* ‘In its essentials, Indian alchemy is the same as Western, and Chinese alchemy, although set in a completely different spiritual climate, can throw light on both…’ – Titus Burckhardt … We took up the collapsed form in our arms … Continue reading

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Joining Don and Wen…

I had been living in the area for years. I was aware of the hillfort hidden in the woods, could have pointed out the chalk-carved figures, shown you where the burial mounds were and explained how the Ridgeway had traversed … Continue reading

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First Things First…

* ‘…In the Golden Book of the Golden Game a Golden Angel wrote my name…’ We wish to speak now of a curious incident in which we were involved and which is not wholly unlike some of the legends so … Continue reading

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* Now they had unleashed the hounds the outcome of the chase was inevitable. One shard of memory alone held hope… Slipping into the museum without paying could only encourage capture… The dark arches spoke of deep secrets too arcane … Continue reading

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…not as we know it. ~ Stuart France

* …Moments later the bars of blue light shimmered into three tightly clad figures. Kirk, glanced expectantly around the room and sighed. Spock arched a well manicured eye-brow skyward. “An empty writing room,” pronounced Sulu, somewhat redundantly. Kirk’s hand held … Continue reading

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