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The Empty by Ellen Best #writephoto

Remnants of yesterdays bonfire smolder on the bank, barbed wire posts too damp to burn are propped at angles like skeletons legs. The wind whips my hair across pinkend cheeks, wipes drops from moist eyes as I trudge aimlessly across … Continue reading

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Passion and Pathos: Spirit of the Dance by Jan Malique

The dancers moved intuitively to the sound of their hearts as the music swelled and sobbed. It finally paused, waiting for the lovers to catch their breath. This was more than an interlude in a cafe that had seen glory and laughter … Continue reading

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#writephoto – Darcy’s Shack from Morpeth Road.

There wasn’t much left of Darcy’s old fishing shack after the storm. The shack had sat on the edge of the beachhead for as long as I could remember and Darcy was just a name my father told me about. … Continue reading

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There is a single thread, That runs through every life, And binds us at the heart. A web of life so intricate and fine, A spider silk of spirit With tensile strength to carry any grief And share all joy. … Continue reading

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Fast Food

I see you, waiting on the corner of everywhere For opportunity to jump into your pocket Or come to your call like a servant To the raising of your hand. It doesn’t work that way. Life is not pre-fabricated, Lukewarm … Continue reading

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There is a pool; Its waters are held Within the chalice of earth Reflecting the sky. It sparkles, calm and still, Glinting in the sunlight, Glittering with the stars That play across its surface, As day turns to night turns … Continue reading

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Footprints in smoke trace an echo of longing, Ghosts on a Temple floor paved black and white Waltzing in silence through deep drifting Roses; Memories dance in the Garden tonight. The Tower looks on with its ever-blind windows Whispering fantasies … Continue reading

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