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Treasure #midnighthaiku

* Autumn’s gold now spent Emptiness reveals treasure Heart takes flight in joy * * Winter’s hidden gift Sailing a frosty sunrise Time melts like snowflakes * * Light as a feather Ending becomes beginning Journey continues *

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Paths #midnighthaiku

* Few pathways run straight Save those imposed by stern will Upon life’s landscape * Carried by the stream To destinations unknown Our paths meander *  

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Grey #midnighthaiku

* Colourless landscapes Life and laughter left behind Winter of the heart *

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Guest Author: Joanne Reed ~ The Art of Living from A Dog’s Perspective

Dogs come in all shapes, colors and sizes. There are the posh types, the ones who come with a pedigree which can only be claimed after a thorough genetic analysis followed by careful match-making arrangements. Then you have the rest, … Continue reading

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Lightly #midnighthaiku

* With infinite care Tread lightly upon the earth Respecting its life Body of a goddess lives In beauty beneath our feet *  

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Hard Work and the Good Life ~ Randall Collis

Reblogged from Global Sojourns Photography : Cool, quiet days in a small village in the middle of Bohemia come to life in a way I imagine they did centuries ago. The smell of wood stoves, sun rays making their way … Continue reading

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Accelerated evolution

Spiritual growth is a journey unique to each one of us and taken whether we will or no. It is a natural evolution against which we may fight, actively resisting change or more usually with apathy and inertia. Or we … Continue reading

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In focus ~ one from the archives

My son gave me a pink stress ball . An entirely appropriate gift from him…  The gel-like stuff is translucent, textured like an orange and looks almost edible. I admit it has a certain addictive quality as I sit and … Continue reading

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Stillness ~ Honoré Dupuis #writephoto

“… No, we can’t detect any sign of human or humanoid life anywhere… There is plenty of life in the water, on land too, mammals and birds… plenty of beautiful insects…” “What about buildings, traces of recent organised activities?” “There … Continue reading

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A Random Act of Kindness ~ Jeff Grant

Reblogged from Besonian: A long time ago, I was eight years old. I was an only child. I lived with my mother and grandmother in a small town in the south Midlands. We had little money. Mum worked in a … Continue reading

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