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Bow #midnighthaiku

Bowed but unbroken Seeking still to call forth light Weathering the storm

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The Spinner

She sits and spins, A tapestry of wonders taking shape and life Between her vision and her words. Her mind a world away From errant children setting out To carry the spark of life To a new dawning. And yet, … Continue reading

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Features #midnighthaiku

Time for reflection All is flat and featureless What can I reflect *

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Watched #midnighthaiku

Nature watched us play Children of the eath and sky Kinship recognised

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Rewriting the Wrinkles

Oh give me a life on the open road! With my dog and a caravan.. Just my books, paint and turps and a canvas.. And skin with a leathery tan. Oh find me a place on a mountain! Where the … Continue reading

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The Small Dog’s Secret Teacher…

Well, it has not been a great week, what with the sky crying even more than she has…and she has been getting just a bit soggy around the edges, I have to say. Weirdly, I seem to set her off … Continue reading

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Going West: A Wounded Church

I had barely raised the camera to start photographing the interior of the great cathedral at St Davids before a gentleman approached and told me that I could not… or, at least, not without paying for a permit. Now, I … Continue reading

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Field of dreams..?

Long, long ago, when the world was still young and I was younger still, I moved into a house with a garden. It wasn’t much of a garden, long-deserted, overgrown and gone to seed, but my mind painted it in … Continue reading

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Serenity ~ Balroop Singh #writephoto

Serenity is a state of mind, just like happiness. It has to be nurtured just like positivity. It is a learned emotion – if I may call it. There is no need to search it, as it lies within us. … Continue reading

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“Religion is a matter of diet. You must choose what suits your spiritual digestion, I suppose.” Naomi Jacob, ‘Four Generations’. Growing up, I loved the stories that Naomi Jacob wrote about the Gollantz family. I am not Jewish, though some … Continue reading

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