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Mirror, mirror ~ Iain Kelly #writephoto

Can you hold up a mirror to yourself and say that you are entirely innocent? That you are not in some way to blame? That was the thought that had brought Dominic out onto the street. He hadn’t been the … Continue reading

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Rewinding Time ~ James Pyles #writephoto

© Sue Vincent Sixty-six year old Douglas Collier was shocked to find that he was walking out of the foothills toward Idaho State Highway 21 somewhere between Idaho City and Boise. In fact, he didn’t expect to exist at all, … Continue reading

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Crossways ~ Jane Dougherty #writephoto

There must have been a road here once, two, and the stone marks the junction. I touch the cold moss, my feet buried in bracken, and wonder how long since anyone walked these roads, since there were roads to walk. … Continue reading

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The Descent – Varad #Writephoto

I feel my mobile phone vibrating under me and wake up with a start. I see the caller name and groan in frustration. The clock on the wall opposite to my bed shows the time as 3 AM. Another early … Continue reading

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Dark clouds – Iain Kelly #writephoto

One final effort and he would make it to the ridge that ran along the top of the mountain. His mind had been so clear that morning, filled with only the thought of scaling the hill. But as he had … Continue reading

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Guest author: Alethea Kehas – The Hair Puller

Alethea is a friend and a Companion of the Silent Eye. Here, she recounts her experiences ghost-hunting in college… and in particular, the story of when she encountered a silent presence she had not expected… I started talking to ghost … Continue reading

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Between #WritePhoto by Sarah Brentyn

He flies halfway between day and night. His wings reach out, touch the rooftop of my home. The silence outside me, the noise inside me… I hear him. Tomorrow, he tells me, will be softer. More forgiving. Wait.   I … Continue reading

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Towering Fear – from rivrvlogr… #writephoto

Reblogged from Ken at rivrvlogr Where to turn in this dying light, As the sun sets with night’s approach? All is in ruin, bridges burned, With no clear way to set things right… Visit rivrvlogr to read the rest of … Continue reading

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Guest post: ‘Riding at the Gates of Sixty’ by Alienora Taylor

Alienora is a friend first met long before I became a blogger. I remember the moment we first really talked, at a magical workshop,  wine glasses in hand. Hair wilder than mine but a similar shade of orange, a fabulous … Continue reading

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The smile of a clown

Leonard Lowe: We’ve got to tell everybody. We’ve got to remind them. We’ve got to remind them how good it is. Dr. Sayer: How good what is, Leonard? Leonard Lowe: Read the newspaper. What does it say? All bad. It’s … Continue reading

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