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Interlude ~ Saving the ‘best’?

So, while we should have been on a workshop and holiday, I was stuck in that limbo between the medics telling me it ‘looks like cancer’ and them doing something about it. I was determined that, before the doors closed … Continue reading

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Circles Beyond Time ~ The Enclosure

We had, quite unfairly, asked the company to dowse for the next stone we were to visit, giving them the simplest of descriptions. Following the person who was on the right track, we set off through the sodden grass in … Continue reading

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Circles Beyond Time ~The Standing Stone

We had brought the group here for just two stones. Nothing as visually spectacular as the wonderful dolmens we had seen in Wales, but to a quiet, green glade that always feels as if it is waiting and where a … Continue reading

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Circles Beyond Time – On Edge

We’d cancelled sunrise. Not literally, you understand, but what with our company, for once, being lodged across a swathe of miles and the weather being singularly uncooperative, it seemed unfair to drag everyone from their beds at some ungodly hour … Continue reading

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Circles Beyond Time~ Sleeping Stones

It is difficult to describe the feeling when we arrived at ‘our’ stone circle. The last time we had been there, we had spent hours in the landscape, just sitting and absorbing the feel and the vibrant serenity of the … Continue reading

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Two journeys, one destination (5) – blood and stone ~ Steve Tanham

Writing without the other hand to steady him was hard, but the other was clamped on his thigh, holding back the flow of blood. The words on the vellum were like the wanderings of a dying bird… he smiled at … Continue reading

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Rewriting the Wrinkles

Oh give me a life on the open road! With my dog and a caravan.. Just my books, paint and turps and a canvas.. And skin with a leathery tan. Oh find me a place on a mountain! Where the … Continue reading

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Going West: Stories Great and Small

It is impossible to walk through any ancient place and not wonder about its story. In somewhere like St Davids Cathedral there are many stories, from those of the craftsmen who built the place, to the Story that inspired their … Continue reading

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Going West: The Painted Church

It is difficult for our modern eyes to imagine the colour that would once have been present within our oldest churches. The carved and decorated facades, often covered with statuary, would have been brightly painted. Walls that we are used … Continue reading

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Going West: A Wounded Church

I had barely raised the camera to start photographing the interior of the great cathedral at St Davids before a gentleman approached and told me that I could not… or, at least, not without paying for a permit. Now, I … Continue reading

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