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A Bibliomantic Tale III… Stuart France

* The Great Orme: summit. * Tee minus One-Zero hours and counting… “Pages Four-Four and Four-Five.” “It’ll have to be Nine.” * No 9 (Light) ‘I saw that God never began to love us… We have always been in God’s … Continue reading

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A Bibliomantic Tale II… Stuart France

* Llandudno Bay: the Great Orme. * Tee minus Two-Four hours and counting… No 3 ‘The greatest religious and moral truth to which man must grow is that we cannot be saved individually. My salvation presupposes the salvation of others … Continue reading

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An Encounter with Death – Steve Tanham

It is 1616. King James VI of Scotland has been on the throne of England and Ireland for thirteen years, having inherited the kingdom as the closest surviving relative of the beloved and sadly deceased Queen Elizabeth I. England continues … Continue reading

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Stones in the stones

It wasn’t the most promising sky… or at least, what it was promising didn’t look pleasant, but we really felt the need to get out and about. There was work to be done and, as that work takes us across … Continue reading

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Keeping a promise

It was the first opportunity we had to re-visit the stone circle below Hordron’s Edge and we had a promise to keep, planting a crystal in the earth at a very specific spot. It was not the best of days, … Continue reading

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Divination by the book

There is an ancient art of divination knows as bibliomancy…divination by books. It has been around a long time…the I Ching, the Chinese Book of Changes, has been in use for at least three thousand years, and who knows how … Continue reading

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The tomb and the missing skull

In the tiny church of St Bartholomew at Blore Bay, there are secrets.  Some are easily discovered, if you read the signs. A tell-tale lumpiness beneath the carpeting of an aisle revealed  15th century brasses commemorating William Bassett II and … Continue reading

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