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The Magical Roundabout – Steve Tanham

I remember the moment, a few years ago, when Stuart – one of my co-directors of the Silent Eye – said to me: “And that’s it, vanished in an instant: all that work about to be packed up, filed away … Continue reading

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The waters of the earth are heaven’s glass We, in their calm reflection seek our own, And, lost in wonder, think the stars surpass The simple spark we hold of truth unknown. The mind, its logic lost in paradox, Requires … Continue reading

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Snow in summer

I stood like a mountain Astride the plain Watching with slow eyes As life passed beneath me. Feeling the seasons on my skin, Each year a mere frisson, And the years passed Until snow silenced me. I waited immobile For … Continue reading

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Three words felt, not spoken, Known only in the inmost heart That change the world And how you see it. It doesn’t matter who Or how, or where. Time and distance have no meaning, When you Know it. Nor do … Continue reading

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OK – so there is no point. Now what? – Jeff Grant

Reblogged from besonian:  I never managed to figure out what organized religion was actually about. It wasn’t for want of trying. I wanted to know. From almost as far back as I can remember, I’ve had a deep sense of there … Continue reading

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A Candle in the Mind – Steve Tanham

If we wish to make a voyage into the self, we need a set of tools, with which to: a) Investigate, as objectively as possible, what this ‘me’ is doing. b) Create a space; a different part of us, that … Continue reading

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There’s even an app for that…

The air was redolent with incense with a vague hint of coffee and Indian chai masala. Outside, the birds were singing in the unexpected sunshine. A monkey screeched from the depths of the bed covers, stopping the conversation in mid … Continue reading

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