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Solstice of the Moon – a Silent Eye Event in Scotland

Maiden, Mother, Crone Solstice of the Moon Inverurie, Scotland 15th-17th September 2017 The gently undulating and fertile landscape between the foothills of the Grampian Mountains and the North Sea proved an attractive place to settle for the early Neolithic peoples … Continue reading

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The spinner

She sits and spins, A tapestry of wonders taking shape and life Between her vision and her words. Her mind a world away From errant children setting out To carry the spark of life To a new dawning. And yet, … Continue reading

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Phantoms of the past…

When I met her, I thought her no more than a dream of the landscape, born of the mists and the magic. Imagination. Fantasy. Perhaps she is. Perhaps I delude myself with my listening. Perhaps my tears have fallen for … Continue reading

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A painter’s palette

The faded flower caught my eye as I was trimming the potted plants on the windowsill. The rich shades of its life and death were so striking they would make an amazing watercolour. Appropriate, really, as the flower was an … Continue reading

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A bird in the bush?

The dog has just eaten her dinner for the first time in days. I have not been worried. There is a pattern to her behaviour that I perfectly understand…though precisely how she arrived at her conclusions escapes me. We had … Continue reading

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A clear draught

I came across and old photo quite by chance, putting things away. It set me off thinking, as such things do. In the picture my late partner is holding a coffee cup… You can’t see it, but I know precisely … Continue reading

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A thousand mornings I listened, Searching for your song In the music of night. Between dreaming and day, The river of time Runs with your laughter. I find your voice In the soft light. Life knows a moment’s sweetness As … Continue reading

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