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The Finding of Polarity (2) – #Silenti

‘As I begin to understand how ‘I’ am made I begin to see that infinity can largely be equated with what is formless and not with some mathematically and useless hugeness’ I wrote that down some time ago. From one … Continue reading

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In silence

In a silence broken only by breath Words lose their sound; Spill their essence on the pristine page Or curl in tendrils through a mind undone, Fleeing logic on wings of fantasy. Fabled spectres rear their heads, Horned dilemmas bow … Continue reading

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There is a place on dawn’s horizon Where the heart breathes in the gold of morning Drinking sunlight in the dew. An unknown land, A journey of becoming, Beyond the world, beyond eternity, Where time rules nothing And a hundred … Continue reading

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Guest post: Jerry E. Smith – Dirty Windows

The struggle with the problems of life, daily steals our bliss, Seldom seeing farther than phone at the end of our arm. Our dramas revolve around the imagined theft of a kiss, Or the exaggerated events in the news, showing … Continue reading

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Points of view

Some eyes see only through a darkened haze Behind dark lenses, blinkered, self-conditioned Blind to the dancing joy where rainbows arc Afraid to see the colours life commissioned. Some eyes see far in pastel coloured glory Leaving life behind them … Continue reading

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“ … the standard translation of one of the chief scriptures of China refers to the venerable Lao Tse as “the Old Boy”. This sounds comical to European ears, yet it is not so far removed from the words of … Continue reading

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Six second memory

“You’re in goldfish mode again, aren’t you?” My brain-injured son looks smug. I raise my eyes to the heavens. He’s right, I have completely forgotten half the things he just asked me to do. He takes a great and unholy … Continue reading

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