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Pancakes, sophistry and sacrifice

It is Shrove Tuesday and in England that means pancakes. Not, you will understand, those heart-warming American delights, nor the elegance of French crepes, but ‘proper’ pancakes. For my sons, following in the tradition of the family that has spanned … Continue reading

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Ribbons of light

“There was a rainbow waiting for them above the barrow. Its head was lost in the halo of cloud which mirrored the encircling hills.If the landscape itself is the grail of legend, then the hill is the jewel at its … Continue reading

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Riding the rapids

I feel like a limp rag at the moment. It has been a hectic few weeks… just an accumulation of small things. Most of it has just been busy, some of it, behind the scenes, has not been so good … Continue reading

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Flight of fancy

Just a few miles away from my home is the little market town of Thame.  It is an interesting place with some beautiful old architecture. I have seen a fair bit of it this year as I have had to … Continue reading

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The long way home

Snow permitting, I am on my travels again briefly, and heading north. Regular visitors may have noticed that on very rare occasions I may mention the North of England. Just the odd, passing reference perhaps, here and there, to Yorkshire … Continue reading

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Though they may not know it… Stuart France

* The One animates Spirit with Light. Spirit animates Soul with Love. * Continue reading at The Silent Eye

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Seeds of Sound…

* Our Words of Truth with their intents… EARTH – to become aesthetically aware… CALM – to affirm in admiration…   Continue reading at The Silent Eye

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Image by Darren MS There is a single thread, That runs through every life, And binds us at the heart. A web of life so intricate and fine, A spider silk of spirit With tensile strength to carry any grief … Continue reading

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A link in the chain

“… and one of these days you will know a world in which I no longer exist.” “I don’t know that I can imagine that.” “Possibly not. I have always been part of your world. Before you were born, you … Continue reading

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Religious Syncretism: a proper priest… Stuart France

* … “What are you talking about?” “A question of questions, young Wendolina, the answer to which may serve as a stunning proof of our original assertion.” “Your original assertion, which was posed as a question anyway. And I’m older … Continue reading

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