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An Unseen Presence ~ Stuart France

* There are other sections in the Book of Genesis which may be pertinent to our survey of St Michael… * … ‘Left alone at night, Jacob was attacked by an unseen presence which wrestled with him until day-break, whereupon … Continue reading

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Considering Heaven and Earth… ~ Stuart France

* First a formless mass of light, then the firmament of stars, then sun and moon, then sea and land, then reptiles, and birds, then beasts, and man, and then, contemplation… * If the ‘candlestick vision’ which opens the Book … Continue reading

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I whispered your name to the Universe Silent echoes, butterflies on the wind, Calling you to me. Only in softness, gentle as snowflakes, Fragile and transient Will the voiceless speak. Yet into the silence your name flutters, Hawk’s feather falling … Continue reading

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Love recalled

I’m tired this morning. I didn’t sleep much and spent most of the night tossing and turning. When I did doze, I spent the time watching those I love wander across the screen of dreams. Though that is not quite … Continue reading

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Acceptance #midnighthaiku

Perfect acceptance Neither threat nor worry looms At rest within peace *

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In the shadows

I woke from little sleep to glorious sunshine and crawled blearily from my bed, which seemed the most comfortable place in the world at that moment, even though it might as well have been a bed of nails the night … Continue reading

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It had been a long, arduous day after a short night. For the second time yesterday, I turned the car homewards from my son’s place. Only to be met by the road closure that meant yet another detour, cross country … Continue reading

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I dream Wild things playing Fleet clouds chasing heat haze Wildflower meadows clothed in light Wonder   At peace Unconcerned by life’s mysteries Free as a butterfly Soul feather-light Just breathe Mirror Cinquain for Colleen’s poetry challenge

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Spreading wings

The hill was a verdant emerald rising into a sapphire sky that sparkled with motes of light… so high and clear. My companion walked behind, following at a far more sedate pace as I ran headlong to the summit, an … Continue reading

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Graven Image… Stuart France

* ‘ … And look! A man clothed in linen, whose loins were girded with fine gold… His body also was like beryl and his face had the appearance of lightning. His eyes were as lamps of fire, and his … Continue reading

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