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If I say that I spent the day in a hot tub, does that conjure for you an image of decadence, pampering and relaxation? Do you think of lazing beneath the sunlit blue of a warm spring sky, champagne, perhaps, … Continue reading

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I dreamed you last night. You were the heart that listened to my fears, Comforting the pain with tea and tissues And attentive ears. You were there with me as I faced them, Slaying them one by one, with logic … Continue reading

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WHAT’S UP DOC? Lines of communication IV…

* …’All colour had faded from the sky and although the big board by the gate creaked slightly in the night wind, there was no passer-by to read the sharp, hard letters that cut straight as black knives across its … Continue reading

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Splash – Dorinda Duclos #writephoto

I walked among the ferns, lush from a newly fallen rain. Taken by the verdant color of these plants, I was not paying attention to where I was going, although I could see what looked like a small pond up … Continue reading

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Looking in the Looking Glass

As I schedule a post or two in advance to cover my absence for the Silent Eye’s workshop weekend, there are few things I can predict with any certainty. You never know what is going to happen or how things … Continue reading

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The Ghost Ship – Steve Tanham

The Ghost Ship —- They come from land and some by wave To travel brave and not unnerved Across a globe described by one Who sees in numbers straight and curved —- That one, disgraced, must face a queen Must … Continue reading

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All in the feeling?

It was a beautiful morning. I had watched a barn owl glide across the field as dawn limned the horizon with gold and palest pink. The sky was beginning to turn blue and the drive to work on almost-empty roads … Continue reading

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In England today there are chocolate eggs and rabbits. In France the church bells are silent as the bells of St Peter’s fly to the children, tied with ribbons and flowers. Across the world images that combine the Christian and … Continue reading

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I was beneath the treetops when the rain came, Sheltered by the whisper of the beeches And great oaks, Leaves unfurling, Copper and green In the springtime. I was by the water when the light flared, Silvering the surface as … Continue reading

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“If at first…”

Sleep would have been nice. I’m told it is good for you. I was certainly tired enough and expected to fall into a deep slumber as soon as my head hit the pillow… well, at least by the second chapter… … Continue reading

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