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Life’s a beach…

I knew it was early, too early to be getting up, and laid there pondering dreams for a while, thinking back through the night. There are many types of dream… the daydreams that lift us from the humdrum world and … Continue reading

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Following a trail

I was roused from sleep at four a.m., dragged wide awake with a phrase ringing in my ears that sent me in search of coffee, computer and a small dog who thinks either that I have lost the plot or … Continue reading

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“I know what links St John the Baptist, St Christopher and St Catherine…” “You do?” “They were all beheaded.” “…Baphomet!” “Sophia.” “How did you get from Baphomet to Sophia?” “There’s a cipher, you convert Baphomet into Hebrew letters then apply … Continue reading

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Definition: noun – The horizon: the line where the earth or sea seems to meet the sky Dawn… the dog sits in the open doorway watching the morning as the first glow creeps into the east. It isn’t much of … Continue reading

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I woke sobbing this morning after a fitful sleep filled with nightmares. Not the kind where the monster with dripping fangs chases you like a scared rabbit through the set of a Hammer horror movie. Those are easily dealt with… … Continue reading

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Rombald’s Moor – Reblogged in honour of #YorkshireDay…

There is a place the heart calls home, I think, for each of us. Sometimes we are lucky enough to live there. Sometimes it simply lives within us and pulls at the heartstrings, calling us. It may be the place … Continue reading

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Balance #midnighthaiku

Polar opposites Creation in harmony Life is born laughing

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