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Names Matter: gatless… Stuart France

* …Well, she were that frightened. She’d allus been such a gatless mawther, that she didn’t se much as know how to spin, an’ what were she to dew tomorrer, with no one to come nigh her to help. She … Continue reading

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Names Matter: vittles… Stuart France

* …The king he were a comin’ down the street an he hard her sing, but what she sang he couldn’t hare, so he stopped and said: ‘What were that you was a singun of, maw’r?’… …The woman, she were … Continue reading

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Stairways to heaven… Stuart France

* “It’s just a landscape, Don.” “Well, it is undoubtedly a landscape…” * * “…And a sky-scape too…” “…Although, I’m not too sure what justice has to do with it…” * Continue reading at Stuart France

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The Marsh King’s Daughter II… Stuart France

  ‘…The Earth will see you on through this time…’ * …There always is. The Marsh King sinks back beneath the waters with the unnamed Egyptian Princess in his thrall. Some time later a green shoot with a water-lily bud … Continue reading

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The Marsh King’s Daughter… Stuart France

‘…Hi-ho the Carrion Crow, Fol-de-rol-de riddle…’ * Although the second longest of Anderson’s Fairy Tales, The Marsh King’s Daughter is relatively little known and perhaps, even, considered to be one of his ‘lesser’ tales. It is a huge, sprawling epic … Continue reading

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Designer Protection… Stuart France

* Without the crack could black shell of Night ever give flight to break of Day…? * Reblogged from Stuart France

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The Drums of Affliction… Stuart France

* When Nan died she became a mountain, I don’t know why and it seems churlish to ask. She suffers terribly, forcing her craggy cave of a mouth into the shapes that form words… It took Gramps a year and … Continue reading

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Half Remarkable Relations… Stuart France

* In the monstrous Tyranny of process… What is Is next to What was and what is no longer… While what never was But what could have been And perhaps even what should have… Is that much stronger. * Continue … Continue reading

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The Celebration of Mister Fox: bestial cluster… Stuart France

* Bear and Wolf, And Dog and Fox are all closely related. It is tempting to imagine a common ancestor; Bigger than Wolf but smaller than Bear. * Continue reading at Stuart France

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Annus Tumulus – Tomb of the Year… Stuart France

‘Well almost…quite loosely speaking.’ ‘Very loosely speaking.’ ‘And no, it’s not a new quiz show. And nor are there any prizes. A tumulus is an artificial mound.’ ‘And a natural mound is what?’ ‘One that isn’t man made.’ ‘Has it … Continue reading

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