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Have you ever wanted to wake up to a world in which you feel you really belong?
A world where your experience of life makes perfect sense and you greet each day with both fulfilment and purpose?
A world that recognises your unique beauty…. and offers you its own?

Magical enneagram copyright The Silent Eye

Since the launch of the Silent Eye we have seen the school grow, evolving a life of its own and with students… Companions… across the world. The original vision, to create a modern Mystery School, has not changed. It has taken on greater clarity and depth as we move forward. Our aim was always to speak in a clear and modern voice, sharing a knowledge that leads to a greater understanding of those questions that have always been held in the heart of Man.

Who am I? Why am I here? What does it mean… and what is the point of it all? We have all asked ourselves that kind of question at some point in our lives. The answers are not far to seek, we hold them within our Selves… yet finding our way though the maze, to unlock the inner doors that lead to those answers can be a difficult task.

Knowledge alone can be shared and learned; understanding comes from experience and is unique and personal, wisdom comes from a place deeper still. The spiritual life should not be remote and divorced from reality, but should, we believe, be a practical aspect of daily life; one that brings a vivid richness to the way in which we move through the world.

Within the School we use the symbol of the enneagram as a glyph through which the mind, heart and soul may be better understood. We share a guided journey, experienced within the magical realm of the mind, that allows each Companion to find a path through the maze. Every Companion has a personal supervisor, working with them on an individual basis, as every journey is unique. Recognising the busy lifestyle of the world today, we share meditations and practical spiritual exercises that can be done anywhere, any time. There is no commitment required other than to your own personal journey.

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