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Five Days with Gaia​ in Bermuda – Alethea Kehas

Reblogged from Not Tomatoes: Gayatri: The feminine form of the divine, and therefore one may extrapolate that Gaia, or Mother Earth, is an aspect of her. (Note some associate the Gayatri mantra with the solar god, Savitr, as I mentioned in … Continue reading

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Formidable stone – Steve Tanham

Formidable, once: Within this place was safety born Exchanged for fealty, price of stones That made these walls and saved your bones ⦿ Continue reading at Sun in Gemini

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The green chapel

Originally posted on Sarah writes poems:
Winter sleeps in a cave in the mountains, on a bed of ice. She creeps in there as the snow melts, and takes her long rest, lulled by birdsong and the scent of green,…

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Ahead #Writephoto

Originally posted on The Story Files:
Sitting down on a rickety bench, I admired the view from atop the little hill we had climbed.  It was a good enough day for a walk; sunny but not too warm or bright, there…

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Turning back

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It was a dark place, akin to madness Wrought by a grief held in stasis; Buried alive by choices Made in assumed ignorance And wilful blindness. Rooted in the memory of a past long dead, That rattled its chains in … Continue reading

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New #midnighthaiku

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