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Mixed feelings…

In November last year, Stuart and I paid a visit to one of our old haunts. The church of St Nicholas at Great Kimble, with its enigmatic Lady chapel by Ninian Comper, had played a pivotal role in our adventures … Continue reading

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Enigma #midnighthaiku

Human enigma Achieves the impossible Denies evidence The valley is flooded. Beneath it two villages are drowned. Modern Man works engineering miracles then sails on his creation, trusting his eyes and self-satisfaction. Above the valley are sculpted hills, crowned by … Continue reading

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Photo prompt round-up: Carved #writephoto

* Ancient bowls of stone Embracing earth holds the sky Clouds mirror themselves Within the silver surface I am myself reflected Dawn breaks, waking to beauty. I am a bridge between worlds. Far below, the valley sleeps beneath the veil, … Continue reading

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Accidents of Light… Stuart France

* Our experiences in dream, if often enough repeated, become as much a part of the fabric of the soul as our waking experiences. The man who regularly flies in his dreams will be initmate with the nuances of flight. … Continue reading

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Threat of the New… Stuart France

* The man who has plotted the course of science will have discovered in its development the key which unlocks the doors to knowledge and understanding. Both portals have fictitious hinges and hypothetical handles. By stepping beyond their frame our … Continue reading

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Time Lines III… Stuart France

* … “And everywhere literalism rears its convoluted head.” “I’m not sure I know what you mean.” “I mean, I don’t think these people regarded those so called entities as we do.” “Superstitiously?” “Just because one creates a form to … Continue reading

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Time Lines II… Stuart France

* … “In later Assyrian Mythology, Anzu becomes Pazuzu.” “Am I missing something, here?” “Pazuzu is a ‘wind demon’ responsible for bringing plague and pestilence, and whatever else we may think about the notions of a demon, in that region … Continue reading

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