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Going about their business

Originally posted on Tallis Steelyard:
Let me paint you a picture, a simple street scene with any number of decent folk just going about their business. What do we see? In the foreground a couple of rough men squaring up…

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Meet Our Guest Speakers For The Annual Bloggers Bash 2018

Originally posted on Helen Glynn Jones:
We’re delighted to introduce our two guest speakers for the 2018 Annual Bloggers Bash. Details of the final agenda will be released soon so keep an eye out for future posts.  Our first speaker…

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My very own pussy riot … Fransi Weinstein

Reblogged from 365 and Counting: It’s been close to 40 years since I’ve lived without a cat in my life and I’m shocked at how “still” and lifeless my apartment is. Eerily, uncomfortably so, to be honest. I’m amazed at … Continue reading

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The Reality of Adventuring – Jemima Pett at TRSA

Reblogged from The Story Reading Ape, a guest post from Jemima Pett: Welcome back to episode three of my Saga of the Adventurers (working title), sees us back with Talbot, the fox-rabbit we met in January. Just a reminder, every … Continue reading

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Fragile strength

Unfettered beauty Riding the storms of Chaos Fragile as a heart There are few things as strong…or as fragile…as a butterfly. Their delicate wings can withstand both wind and rain, yet the touch of a finger can damage them beyond … Continue reading

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White-Skunk and Bald-Eagle V… Stuart France

* … So, Skunk squirted musk into the water. The place where the water was immediately went dry and Eagle and his wives disappeared. Soon the water surged back in again and when Skunk looked he could still see Eagle … Continue reading

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Crystal #midnighthaiku

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