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Guest Author: Ernesto San Giacomo ~ Villains and Heroes: Tweaking a Standard

Imagine someone whose only desire is power, world domination, and/or gathering riches beyond the average dreams of avarice. Such an individual represents a classic villain from the SciFi or Fantasy genres, like Darth Vader from Star Wars or Voldemort from … Continue reading

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The DNA Check ~ Teresa Smeigh #writephoto

Jack didn’t know what to do. He wanted to deal with his parents and ex-wife, Princess Isabella, on his own. However, Joanne had a point. This did involve her and the two boys they had raised as their own sons. … Continue reading

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Wily Wotan…

* Determined to retake the mead of poetry from, the Giant’s who had stolen it, Odin, The High God, disguises himself as one of them… * He calls himself, ‘The Evil One’. * All the Jotunn have those sort of … Continue reading

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The Other World ~ Eluminora Creations #writephoto

I knew none of it was real, but the shift of dirt under my bare feet and the piercing reflection of sun on the vast water begged me to believe otherwise. Alone, I walked down to the shore of the … Continue reading

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Stone of the Night…

* You are a passenger… You stay under glass… You are driven through the city’s ripped back-sides. You leave the city’s ripped back-sides on a road which snakes through low, rough, foothills. Far on the horizon a solitary fin-shaped peak … Continue reading

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Time Bleed…

* … “Stratford Strange Day!” “I don’t know what you mean?” “Well, the first thing was our conversation before we’d even properly decided we were going to Stratford…” “Which one?” “Statues!” “Oh, that one. It didn’t strike me as particularly … Continue reading

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Wen’s World…

* …The weather is being unkind again. There are other reasons this time, however, for our sense of anticipation for the first of the Glastonbury talks being perhaps less enthusiastic than it might be. The intrusion of Christmas left little … Continue reading

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Questing beast?

I feel the life within and around me with fierce joy. It is a glorious morning. Dew sparkles like living diamonds on the grass and the air is bright. Waking to such a day is pure pleasure. I stretch out … Continue reading

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* There is an episode just prior to the conception of Isaac which is strange. * By strange we mean strange by the standards of literalism. * The opening gambit states that, ‘the Lord again appeared to Abraham’. * Except, … Continue reading

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Children of Ra

The noon sun beat down upon the land without mercy. Ra was incensed. He, the greatest of the gods was a cuckold. Nut had been unfaithful to him. He stormed through the palace, seeking his recalcitrant wife. He found her … Continue reading

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