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Tryst by Stuart France #writephoto…

* He had not intended to come here. Without thinking his tired steps had led… to the shelter, half-portico, half-shed, and to brighter, lighter days… * Continue reading: Tryst #writephoto…

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Reynard’s Return… Stuart France

* “Is that it?” says Wen, somewhat nonplussed. “More or less.” “Well, there should be more, surely?” “Oh, but there is more, much more, but we are here only concerned with giving a skeletal outline of what was once the … Continue reading

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Siesta… Stuart France

* Sweating hours. Quiescence lies like a crime. * The crack of dry twigs underfoot… startles! A tumultuous green-flash of thumping rampage. Dog legs. Baboon haunches. A luminous ankh arrows away. A way out to tree-stump. To crook torso and … Continue reading

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The Big-Bold-Blue of Beyond… Stuart France

* … When Brother-Warrior entered the chamber of the princess, because of his Cloak-of-Darkness, she thought she was enjoying converse and congress with a spirit. So too, did all her hand-maids but before departing he took off his cloak and … Continue reading

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The Final Digit by Steve Tanham

The Final Digit (Released under the Freedom of Governmental Policies Act) Play the tape… “Ladies and Gentlemen, Who’d have thought that the Black Room would have a ‘black box’? When the end of the world came there he was… swearing … Continue reading

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France and Vincent … Finding Don and Wen

It served me right for kidnapping a genius with one foot in several other worlds and eyes fixed firmly beyond any horizon I had ever seen. And I only kidnapped him a little bit. And he didn’t seem to mind … Continue reading

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The King of Castle-Hill III… Stuart France

* Brother-Wizard and Brother-Warrior immediately set out for the sea-shore. There, moored at the mouth of a natural cave in the cliffs, bobbed a coracle. They both clambered aboard… * …The King of Castle-Hill took the magic halter to the … Continue reading

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