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Trial at Sakhr – James #writephoto

Janellize’s gaze was fixed upon the dragonrider standing before her as were the other four elves, if elves they really were. Mandy kept looking in disbelief back and forth between the Mistress of Direhaven and her new found friend. What … Continue reading

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#writephoto – The Shirkers – Michael

When the battle ended, the shirkers were gathered before the victorious commander. These were the men who had run, hidden or found something else to do as the battle raged. As punishment, they were led in chains to the boulder … Continue reading

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Guest author: Kevin Morris – Kipling may regret…

* In the restaurant its just the waiter and I, While outside the window Vehicles speed by. “There are a lot of beautiful women outside today”, He remarks by way Of conversation. * I drink My wine and think About … Continue reading

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Carved – ‘C. M. Smile’ #writephoto

The Queen lives in a round castle Her heart protected and fragile Surrounded by the widest moat Couldn’t even get there by a boat She longs for her heart to be recaptured Too long it has been fractured Her tears … Continue reading

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The Breath of Ghosts – Gavin Jones

Across cultures, the equating of ghosts and breath is a constant, apparent in language, in ritual and in belief systems. In a number of the stories which make up “Ghosts and Other Tales”, breath plays an important role.  But why … Continue reading

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Successful Outcome – Sandi #writephoto

Is he going?  Did he do it? (sigh)  Nope.  Not today. Johan jumped and began running around, with his drawers around his ankles. Before he fell to his knees, his mom quickly caught him. “Op. We don’t want to risk … Continue reading

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I was beneath the treetops when the rain came, Sheltered by the whisper of the beeches And great oaks, Leaves unfurling, Copper and green In the springtime. I was by the water when the light flared, Silvering the surface as … Continue reading

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Secret Dumfries – a wee taster from Mary Smith

Reblogged from Mary Smith: I thought I’d be fully back in the blogosphere by now. Last week I’d written up all the chapters for Secret Dumfries and most of the ‘Did you know…?’ boxes leaving only the acknowledgements and bibliography … Continue reading

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White-Skunk seeks medicine IV… Stuart France

* … Skunk came to a longhouse, and recognised the people there as those who pushed his musk-sac back into the river in repulsion, he said to those people, “I am on my way from the camp of the Clever … Continue reading

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Bedraggled #midnighthaiku

* Bedraggled beauty Wakened by the sun’s first kiss Revealing herself *

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