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A photograph…

Looking for photographs, I opened a folder on the computer. The first image I came across had me unexpectedly in tears. I have seen it hundreds of times and simply smiled, if a little wistfully. Yet this time, for some … Continue reading

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Imploding reality

My son, who is now thirty-three, celebrates his eighth re-birthday today. On July 4th, 2009, normality imploded. ‘We have your son’… four words changed the world for me. It had changed for my son some hours earlier. I had been … Continue reading

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Views from an Injured Brain by Nick Verron

Holistic medicine is generally seen as ‘alternative’…. alternative to what? To the specialisms that treat individual aspects of any problem to the best of their ability, yet forget that a whole person is involved in any illness or injury. My … Continue reading

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My top ten posts that weren’t…

It seems to be the season for re-posting top tens…so, in keeping with the spirit of things, I thought I might post my top ten posts of 2015. Then I had a look at what they were. Hrmph. It makes … Continue reading

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Nick’s interviews, as promised

The BBC kindly sent over the video files of the interviews with Nick before and after the Para-Tri triathlon. As so many of you who have given him your support and encouragement were unable to see them on the iPlayer … Continue reading

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I had plans tonight… work to do, jobs and people to catch up with… then the phone rang and I have done little since… my son had a lot to say. Nick made the news section of the website UKABIF, … Continue reading

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Why writing fiction really matters

“Insert!” He extended his foot… “You sound like a Borg.” … and wriggled his toes into the sock. “That would make me a cyborg.” He paused. I could see the wheels turning. “That’s it…my recovery… the screwdriver must have damaged … Continue reading

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This little piggy…

A foot was thrust into my line of vision with an injunction to look. Unable to think of a suitable retort to this unusual command, I complied. The foot appeared to be just that… a foot. Not a particularly attractive … Continue reading

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The big picture

We were looking at the photograph in question, trying to decide what exactly it was that made the final edit so much more absorbing than the others. Technically, it wasn’t the best of shots. The foreground and subject were blurred, … Continue reading

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You can go off people….

After a couple of days, camera in hand with my son Nick in his garden, I was feeling quite pleased with some of the shots I had taken of the birds on the feeder. The he showed me his. ‘Waste … Continue reading

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