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Beached – Suzanne #writephoto

Walking the beaches – a continuum through the years. Around me the muted grey greens of dune plants and stretches of blue sea/blue sky against a backdrop of sun bleached sand. Childhood holidays spent wandering beaches as a genderless, ageless … Continue reading

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Enigma #midnighthaiku

Human enigma Achieves the impossible Denies evidence The valley is flooded. Beneath it two villages are drowned. Modern Man works engineering miracles then sails on his creation, trusting his eyes and self-satisfaction. Above the valley are sculpted hills, crowned by … Continue reading

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Dark – Ritu Bhathal #writephoto

Though darkness surrounds us on the grounds, it’s always worth looking not only up but down too, because above, you can see the prospect of brilliance, the light breaking through the clouds, and below, the reflection of that brightness, to … Continue reading

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Raw #midnighthaiku

Snow-devils dancing A delicate coverlet Conceals a cold heart Snow falls ceaselessly, settling only in spaces where the arctic winds cannot whip it away. Drifts build in gardens and secluded corners, leaving the roads deceptively clear, lulling the unwary into … Continue reading

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Sanctuary – Kerfe – #writephoto

The day is grey along the way forever dying I don’t know why but somehow I just feel like crying The day is leaving and it’s deceiving me No one is near to stop the fear within me growing Continue … Continue reading

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Sanctuary – Joelle LeGendre #writephoto

Sanctuary means different things to different people.  Some like the feel of a pew and feel as if they’re in the presence of God by staring through the stained glass windows.  Some prefer age-old chants and prayer mats.   And others … Continue reading

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Fairies in the wind Carrying childhood wishes Future uncertain ‘Rosebay willowherb’… tall summer spires of brilliant pink followed by a thousand fluffy fairies escaping autumn’s flame. Magical things, holding the future within them, like the child who watched them fly. … Continue reading

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