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Arch – Pamela Morse #writephoto

We walked slowly and quietly around the long corridors of the old cloister. The long deserted places of worship and daily devotion were kept in order by the town council. Tourists and visitors climbed the winding drive from the village … Continue reading

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Estrangement – James #writephoto

A warm summer breeze blew from one end of the passageway to the other. Raisa Hewitt could feel it gently caress her face and flow like fingers through her long, dark hair. She could hear the friendly chattering of birds … Continue reading

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New release from Lyn Horner! Tempting Adam, a new book in the Romancing the Guardians series

I am very happy to be back with Sue to announce the release of my new book. After what seems like forever, Tempting Adam (Romancing the Guardians, Book 7) is published. Like all the books in this series, it’s a … Continue reading

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Mythical truths – Reena Saxena #writephoto

illusions of connectedness with designed frameworks imposed on each story woven into a larger pattern a vision of divine bliss at the other end of logic pulls the traveller through the patched up, stony paths Continue reading at Reinventions by … Continue reading

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Do I cease to exist if I am not seen, Like a tree in a forest that makes no sound Unless it is heard when it falls? Do I exist in the mirror when I look, An illusory glimpse into … Continue reading

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Seeing RED – Sandi #writephoto

“Meet me at the Arch.” “At McDonald’s?  Doesn’t seem very picturesque.  What, is Ronald McDonald going to be there?  Take some shots of me riding the little merry-go-round, carousel thingy?”  Sherry thought it was an odd spot for a photo shoot, … Continue reading

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Time Lines II… Stuart France

* … “In later Assyrian Mythology, Anzu becomes Pazuzu.” “Am I missing something, here?” “Pazuzu is a ‘wind demon’ responsible for bringing plague and pestilence, and whatever else we may think about the notions of a demon, in that region … Continue reading

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Branches #midnighthaiku

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