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#writephoto – Through The Window ~ Helen Jones

He liked to watch the world change. Today it was snowy, the little tree purged of leaves by winter, the land beyond carpeted white. Some days he saw green grass and flowers, butterflies dancing. At other times wind blew the … Continue reading

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Arch – Trent P. McDonald #writephoto

No color or chroma reaches my night-dead eye.  The sun sets over the ruined cathedral.  And there is me, awake again, hanging in the middle, with the ghosts of the past on one side and the shadows of the future … Continue reading

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OK – so there is no point. Now what? – Jeff Grant

Reblogged from besonian:  I never managed to figure out what organized religion was actually about. It wasn’t for want of trying. I wanted to know. From almost as far back as I can remember, I’ve had a deep sense of there … Continue reading

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Arch – pensitivity #writephoto

Despite treading lightly, Her footsteps echoed softly. The path was familiar And she was unafraid. Ahead, the arch beckoned. With each approaching step, The light shone more brightly. Continue reading at pensitivity

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Antas & Cromlechs – Candy Blackham

Reblogged from London Traveller: Driving to or from Lisbon is always a good opportunity to seek out megalithic remains off the beaten track and this year we found the anta below at the roadside, just outside Mora, and in the town there is … Continue reading

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Arch – Sisyphus #writephoto

For centuries the great abbaye had stood, in its majesty and glory, in the peaceful landscape. It was then a centre of faith and science, where wise men worked, and kept the flame of civilisation burning. They were frugal, up … Continue reading

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Technologically challenged…

I thought it was quiet; no phone calls, no texts, no incessant beeping from the double-edged technological marvel that is both a lifeline and a noose. I hadn’t missed it, but there was a vague sense of something being absent … Continue reading

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Time Lines… Stuart France

* “And what have we here?” says Wen in that provocative way of hers which means she is up to something. “Anzu and Ninurta.” “Nope, not doing it for me.” “Anzu, Guardian of the Threshold, who stole the Tablets of … Continue reading

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Warmer #midnighthaiku

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