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*** The wind was bitter… the first flakes of snow mingled with the rain as we crossed the ridge. It would be a long, cold night, in spite of the flame that burned on the western horizon as the sun … Continue reading

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Kite #midnighthaiku

Sailing frozen skies Unceasing flight devours time New sun rises red

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The Small Dog gets Snow…

The snow came down, fell thick and white As far as I could see… She opened up the garden door So it could fall on me. I love the white stuff from the sky Though it is cold for paws… … Continue reading

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Cool breath of marble lingers Kissing eternity Blushing glass ghosts Secret embrace remembered Soft porcelain morning Wakes from night Sacred sisters dance With stars And flowers melt Ice-prisoned hearts

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The misty dawn blushed a soft, rosy pink, probably embarrassed by the number of clichés it was inviting. It had begun with a delicate glow, suffusing the rising mist with gold as I shivered on the doorstep, then painted the … Continue reading

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Exotics #midnighthaiku

Norther snow lays deep Summer plumes grace bare winter Incongruous fruit *

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Magical mornings

It was a luminous dawn, the world blanketed in a thick cocoon of frost against the darkness and silence of a newborn morning. The sun rose, pale and gold, strewing a million diamonds on the tarmac path; setting a fire … Continue reading

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Brave #midnighthaiku

Delicate petals Defying appearances Wears summer colours Exotic fragility Braves winter to reveal strength

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Hope #midnighthaiku

Mornings dark and cold Summer’s bounty remembered Hope is rekindled *

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Midwinter #midnighthaiku

Warm heart and bare limbs The spirit of midwinter Smile to light the day *    

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