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Carved – Joelle LeGendre #writephoto

“Great, all-knowing cave, I ask you again. What is the meaning of life?” Deep inside a vertical tube, two teenagers tried not to snicker.  “Throw a coin into my throat and I shall tell you.” She had but one shilling, … Continue reading

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Steve’s First Day at School – Anurag Bakhshi #writephoto

I looked at the mess on the ground and felt like banging my head against the wall. Two things stopped me: There was no wall readily available in the middle of the playground; and I knew that you need to … Continue reading

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Guest author: Sofia Kioroglou – Three Poems

Love will conquer all Love me and I will love you back. Crash me and I will adore you You grind me down like no other But I do not waver Love will conquer all Make-believe We have heard it … Continue reading

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#WritePhoto – Carved – Ritu Bhathal

Our future is carved By the steps of our past Each breath that we take One closer to our last Think deep about All the things that you do For the marks that you leave Will reflect upon you Continue … Continue reading

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Bathtime-take two

Because my back is playing up… The pain is not a joke… I thought I’d run a nice, hot bath And have a proper soak. I’ve got a tub of Epsom salts, A remedy of yore, Perhaps they’d help a … Continue reading

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Nature’s Call – Fandango #writephoto

You remember my epilogue to the Jack and the Beanstalk tale, right? In case you don’t, here it is. Anyway, to make a short story longer, after the Giant stole back his golden goose from Jack, without the beanstalk, the … Continue reading

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The courage of conviction…

‘They’ve got that completely the wrong way around.’ I almost winced as I read the article, completely disagreeing with the perspective that was being outlined. The basics were correct, I felt but there was something decidedly ‘off’ about the way … Continue reading

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Pawns #midnighthaiku

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