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Originally posted on Iain Kelly:
Gonzalo threw his few belongings, the sharpened rocks and wooden tools he had made with his own hands, into the cave entrance and hurried inside the safety of his hidden cavern. Lying on the floor…

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Write photo 15th March : Ahead.

Originally posted on pensitivity101:
Thanks Sue. I’ve taken a slightly different approach, as you can see from my title. You can join in by clicking below for details: https://wordpress.com/read/feeds/3193846/posts/1796633917 The way a head speaks Hello and welcome! You’ve found my…

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Carry on talking – Steve Tanham

From twisted flesh and sinew You dared to dream To think, to see, to do And in that doing felt The Universe create anew ⦿ Continue reading at The Silent Eye.

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Poetic Mead – Paul Andruss

Reblogged from Odds and Sods: Cauldron of Inspiration warmed by the breath of nine maidens (Celtic Myths and Legends by Charles Squire with illustration by Ernest Wallcousins 1912)   Mead is an alcoholic drink made entirely from honey, or honey … Continue reading

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Thursday photo prompt – Ahead #writephoto

Every Thursday at noon GMT, I publish one of my photos as a writing prompt.  If you know where the photo was taken, please keep it to yourself until the challenge is closed. I usually share something about the place … Continue reading

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Photo prompt round-up: Arch #writephoto

* Silent ghosts wander Half forgotten memories Cloistered past present * Glimpsed in the shadows Flickers of recognition Dance in the dust motes * Old stone holds magic Childhood imagination Remembers wonder * The photo for this week’s prompt was taken … Continue reading

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Childhood fantasy

He’s right… by the time you reach an age with double figures, fairy stories are for babies… and you are no longer a babe. In just the same way that we cease admitting to the guilty affection for the music … Continue reading

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White-Skunk and Bald-Eagle III… Stuart France

* … When Eagle returned from the hunt he said to Skunk, “tomorrow you will come with me when I go hunting.” “But, Brother, I am no hunter,” protested Skunk. “Nevertheless, you will pick up a deer I brought down … Continue reading

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Free #midnighthaiku

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