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Jewels #midnighthaiku

Now can desert us Memories are evergreen Jewels set in time *

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Ghosts #midnighthaiku

Images remain Forgotten summers return Ghosts of warmth and joy

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Onward #midnighthaiku

Seen from yesterday Memories of happy days Paint tomorrow’s wish *  

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Guest Author: Sally Cronin: The Sewing Gene

It is lovely to have Sally Cronin as my guest today to bring back memories. As I have, like my grandmother, always ‘sewn with burnt thread’ as the saying goes, my dressmaking skills are minimal… although I always loved embroidery … Continue reading

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Judith Barrow: The Inspiration Behind Pattern of Shadows. Ah, the Memories! #Bookbub

Reblogged from Judith Barrow: I’m thrilled that Pattern of Shadows is on BookBub this month and grateful to my publishers, Honno, for the support and belief in my writing. When I discovered the first of the trilogy was going to … Continue reading

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Just a shell

It’s just a shell. Small but perfect, Picked up on the beach that day. Its sits beside the little stone you found, Children hand in hand Along a winter shore. It’s just a shell. Nothing very special There were hundreds … Continue reading

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Stairs ~ Balroop Singh #writephoto

At last I am here. Eyes brimming, I look at the stairs, worn by the vagaries of time but flanked with love by Mother Nature. Do you think you could guess my ecstasy? Never. Not even my soul mate could … Continue reading

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Dark Clouds ~ Balroop Singh #writephoto

When dark clouds gather around the horizon When they are summoned by a sunny moor When sunshine subsides willingly It is time for nostalgia… Memories arrive within moments Paper boats float all around, Even before the first drop falls Musical … Continue reading

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Glisten ~ Honoré Dupuis #writephoto

Is this you, running toward me, in the dying light of our star? Is it you, or your double, or your servant? I know it cannot be you, how much I wished it were. But I know: I lost you, … Continue reading

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Vista ~ Honoré Dupuis #writephoto

“Soon we will be back, walking those hills, and finding ourselves, again.” It’s true, she thought, life is an eternal come back. Simply, we change, not the hills, not the sky. Only us grow old. Or it feels like it. … Continue reading

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