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Just a shell

It’s just a shell. Small but perfect, Picked up on the beach that day. Its sits beside the little stone you found, Children hand in hand Along a winter shore. It’s just a shell. Nothing very special There were hundreds … Continue reading

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Glimmer ~ Anita Dawes #writephoto

Image by Sue Vincent My aunt once told me about an old legend about the woods in Sleepy Hollow, Hampshire. If you go there at midnight, you might be lucky to get a glimpse of your future. I thought it … Continue reading

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The best cheese sandwich?

“Cheese?” I asked, with knife poised. I had just cut a slab of rich fruitcake and put it on the  plate. The half-stifled “ewww…”  and the horrified expression was all the answer I needed. I sighed. People don’t know what … Continue reading

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Summer ~ Anita Dawes and Jaye Marie #writephoto

SUMMER Summer holidays are meant to be fun. A time for freedom, not a time to hear mother yelling for me to do this, do that… don’t do that… make yourself useful. The sooner I did the jobs she wanted, … Continue reading

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Elusive realities: Lynda McKinney Lambert ~ William’s Red Roses

Early morning is my favorite time of day. My habit is to walk into the bathroom, pull up the blind, and peer outside to see what this new day is like. When I looked out the window early this morning, … Continue reading

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An act of mercy ~ Iain Kelly #writephoto

His face was as stony as the rocky outcrop at the top of the hill. I wondered if his heart was made of similar granite. Since Mum had passed he hadn’t shed a tear. My sisters and I had gathered … Continue reading

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Elusive Realities reblog: A very personal ghost story ~ Pete Johnson

Reblogged from Beetley Pete: I have never really believed in the supernatural. Ghosts, apparitions, reincarnation, life after death, and all things associated with these. Not that I wouldn’t have liked to, it just didn’t seem plausible. Psychics can often appear … Continue reading

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#Flash Fiction ‘Footsteps’ #romance ~ Anita Dawes and Jaye Marie

Reblogged from Anita Dawes and Jaye Marie: image by Pixabay.com Footsteps My grandmother’s diary took Frank and me to Paris for the first time. I wanted to walk on the West Bank where she had fallen in love and had … Continue reading

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The broken remains – Em’s World #writephoto

Em moved her eyes around the bare room, her face impassive, her hands clenched tightly. Barest flicker of anger flashed on her face as she spotted the exotic feather on the floor. She picked up the offending item from the … Continue reading

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Unusual people…

Delicate blue flowers caught my eye in the flower bed. I wondered where they had come from as they were nothing that we had planted … they had just grown. It only took a moment to realise that they were … Continue reading

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