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Arch – Lady Lee Manila #writephoto

the light from the outside arches along the hall an eerie feeling all over the arch Continue reading at Lady Lee Manila

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Today — Frank Hubeny #writephoto

What words appear to lead me on my way? Not one? But I need none to praise this wondrous day. Source: Frank Hubeny

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Fine fresh apples – Tallis Steelyard

Reblogged from Tallis Steelyard: It has to be said that I’m rather partial to a nice crisp apple. The area around Port Naain is quite good from them, northerly but not too northerly, and the weather is quite bracing which … Continue reading

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Arches – Joe M. #writephoto

I had a wonderful life. Just didn’t realize how much of it depended upon my health. You’ve only got one body. Your body is all you’ve got. My wife and I would go out dancing. She loves to dance. I … Continue reading

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Three words felt, not spoken, Known only in the inmost heart That change the world And how you see it. It doesn’t matter who Or how, or where. Time and distance have no meaning, When you Know it. Nor do … Continue reading

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#writephoto — Under the Arch – Fandango

To Ben, it was everything he thought a university campus should be. The classic gothic architecture of its stone buildings conveyed the sense of history, seriousness, and intellectual fortitude found at universities such as Oxford and Cambridge. There was no question … Continue reading

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Unbalanced scales…

“…so, we’ve being doing this for a while…” “Twelve thousand, four hundred and ten days to be exact.” “…and I still don’t really know.” “Know what?” “What flowers you would prefer for Mother’s Day.” “Ones with roots.” “For the garden?” … Continue reading

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Time Lines III… Stuart France

* … “And everywhere literalism rears its convoluted head.” “I’m not sure I know what you mean.” “I mean, I don’t think these people regarded those so called entities as we do.” “Superstitiously?” “Just because one creates a form to … Continue reading

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Sakura #midnighthaiku

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