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Mi khazi es tu khazi*

I threw the shattered remains in the bin. It had been a simple accident, and if I could not replace it like for like, it could just as easily be replaced with something different and much more affordable that would … Continue reading

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The Apparition ~ Fandango #writephoto

Sean came back to this site every year since the incident five years earlier. As it was almost every time he came here for that auspicious anniversary, there was a thick mist hanging in the air. He stared at the … Continue reading

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Dark clouds – Iain Kelly #writephoto

One final effort and he would make it to the ridge that ran along the top of the mountain. His mind had been so clear that morning, filled with only the thought of scaling the hill. But as he had … Continue reading

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Sanctuary – Kerfe – #writephoto

The day is grey along the way forever dying I don’t know why but somehow I just feel like crying The day is leaving and it’s deceiving me No one is near to stop the fear within me growing Continue … Continue reading

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Blue – Elizabeth #writephoto

Lost in blue waters I look for you the lightness of being the smile the hair in disarray I only find emptiness and confusion My hope is spring will be here soon and the winter blues will fade away Source: Tea … Continue reading

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Alone #writephoto Hayley R. Hardman

I knew I shouldn’t be alone but I was. Sitting on the edge of the cliff, I looked out. I could see an endless stretch of darkening blue sea, the waves bobbing gently and the sunset lit sky which tonight … Continue reading

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Gone Forever – from ‘Jamie Dark’

When my wife died I was lost. We’d been married for thirty years, and when I retired we spent most of our time together. Over the past few years we hadn’t bothered with friends much, just did our own thing, … Continue reading

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Creature #writephoto from willowdot21

There in the dark it lies in wait You can’t see it, it has sealed your fate. Patiently it lurks circling in the dark Quicken it’s breath, can you hear,hark. Slowly but surely it is closing in It’s presence tingling … Continue reading

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Book Launch: Dangerous by Ian Probert

A quarter of a century ago journalist and author Ian Probert decided never to write about boxing again. His decision was prompted by the injuries sustained by boxer Michael Watson during his world title fight with Chris Eubank. Now, in … Continue reading

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Towering Fear – from rivrvlogr… #writephoto

Reblogged from Ken at rivrvlogr Where to turn in this dying light, As the sun sets with night’s approach? All is in ruin, bridges burned, With no clear way to set things right… Visit rivrvlogr to read the rest of … Continue reading

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