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Ahead – Ritu Bhathal #writephoto

No matter whatever the situation Keep your head held high Don’t let the world drag you down Don’t sit and ponder “Why?” Just focus upon the time that’s coming Continue reading at But I Smile Anyway

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What is Ahead? – KL Caley #writephoto

They had observed the rock formation from miles away, with each step closer to it, it seemed to grow more intriguing. “It looks like a house”, Josie said to her exasperated husband John who was trailing behind her with a … Continue reading

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Fall in the Creek?! – What if we all cared #writephoto

Celeste closed the office door firmly behind her and headed surreptitiously back down the tunnel to the door to the river bank. As she stepped out into the fresh night air she had a renewed sense of satisfaction even greater … Continue reading

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In ceaseless motion Divinity manifests Passionate Nature Eternally enraptured Calling to the soul of Man For Colleen’s poetry challenge

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Questing – Sarah #writephoto

So, Level 1 of The Quest is all about getting kitted out. I’m a Warrior, so I need weapons – obviously – and armour, and all that. I haven’t told Mum and Dad. They’d go mental – I mean, they’re … Continue reading

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The waters of the earth are heaven’s glass We, in their calm reflection seek our own, And, lost in wonder, think the stars surpass The simple spark we hold of truth unknown. The mind, its logic lost in paradox, Requires … Continue reading

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Welcome #midnighthaiku

* Golden eye sparkles Waking from the winter sleep Earth smiles a welcome *

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