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Constant #midnighthaiku

Ancient shadows cast Man’s understanding questing Truth remains constant

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My hair’s a mess and lacking life I’m feeling fat and frumpy. Although I gave up vanity A while ago… I’m grumpy. I ache in bits I will not name And every bone and tooth, I don’t mind growing older … Continue reading

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Found #midnighthaiku

Stability sought Life’s backdrop ever-changing Peace in balance found *

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Staunin Stanes

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STAUNIN STANES Thir are those Wha seek meanin In the alignment  O staunin stanes. Wha line up The stars an mune An track the shaddies Imprintit by the sun. Thir are ithers Wha accept a mystery…

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Open #midnighthaiku

Shell untenanted Open to wind and water Vacant possession *  

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Circles Beyond Time ~ Between Two Worlds

A herd of deer were outlined against the far horizon as we followed the path, leading our companions across the moor to where it joins the track that runs above Bar Brook. The stream gathers the peat-stained water from the … Continue reading

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Soulscape #midnighthaiku

Turn out or within The soul’s eternal landscape Being remembered

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MarySmith’sPlace – Cancer diary #07

Originally posted on Mary Smith's Place:
Cancer diary #07 Monday, October 19: The beginning of this week was horrible; horrible enough for me to absolutely dread the next round of chemotherapy. Apart from the heartburn (and thank you everyone…

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The small dog’s revenge…

I must do the floor, I thought, in some despair, The small dog is moulting,and shedding her hair. She’s out in the garden, so if I am quick, And just whip the vac out, that should do the trick. She’s … Continue reading

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Presence #midnighthaiku

Our touch on the earth Insubstantial as shadows Memory remains *

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