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Stone and Bronze – Scott Bailey #writephoto

They left a legacy written in stone Plain for all to see Yet there are less lucid signs Discovered carefully Lines that lay across the land Tales of times gone by Showing us in hidden ways To be read by … Continue reading

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Portal – Pamela Morse #writephoto

Giants ruled the island for centuries before the clans discovered the place, bringing their version of civilization. They thought they could colonize the giants and rob them of their resources while enslaving them. The ships landed, and soldiers spread out … Continue reading

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This Battle of Britain pilot is set to fly a Spitfire again at the age of 96

Originally posted on First Night History:
As the Royal Air Force prepares to celebrate its centenary, Second World War Spitfire ace Allan Scott tells Dean Kirby why he is still flying high at the age of 96. At his bungalow…

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Promote your work…

Do you have a book launch coming up… A cover reveal or a work in progress… Inspiration to offer… A story or anecdote to tell, a poem to share… Tips for bloggers or writers… Want to promote your blog, art … Continue reading

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Marking the Earth #Photowrite

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Absurd – Fall Musings #writephoto

Absurd. What is? A lot of things. My heart, your will, man’s ego in a universe that is larger than him, earth’s gravity compulsively holding things together, the idea of being present in a moment, the need of a body … Continue reading

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Whisper to the moon

Tongue tied, I freeze Taking refuge In uneasy silence. Wishing I were one of those To whom the words come easy. Those for whom beauty And what lies in the heart Spill from the lips In poetic petals. Words drip … Continue reading

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#writephoto – Carved – a short story by Dorinda Duclos

I followed a path, carved around a rock, a rather odd shaped path, somewhat matching the hollow stone that sat there. Moss and grass had gown underneath the rock, almost giving it a skirt-like feature. Or maybe it was a … Continue reading

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A hive of activity…

I am a little preoccupied at the moment, what with the upcoming workshop, some outstanding things I need to catch up on and the fact that I’ve been hobbling around like a centenarian. My back decided to get in on … Continue reading

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White-Skunk seeks medicine III… Stuart France

* ‘Please stop when you remember We work together Anyway… All right.’ – Shaman Blues * …That night as Skunk was going along he came to the camp of the Clever Fellows. He saw them all far off because there … Continue reading

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