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The Prisoner…

* Beauty dived into the bushes led by Prince then gasped as one of the thorns from the brambles traced the delicate skin of her inner arm. The blood came in spurts and rivulets. “No wait,” she cried, pausing to … Continue reading

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Finding Don and Wen ~ Stuart France and Sue Vincent

Dear Don, Whoo hoo! Finding Don & Wen is now live! I really enjoyed getting this one put together. Who would have thought it would work out quite so well? Can you believe how much stuff we were already working … Continue reading

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Thursday photo prompt: Returning #writephoto

Welcome to the new #writephoto prompt! For five years, we did not miss a beat, and every week the stories, poems and artwork flew in to be shared here as part of the weekly photo prompt challenge. That unbroken series … Continue reading

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‘Heart and Soul’…

* The first key… Bigger than me… and inside, a box; identical but smaller, in order to fit, with another key. * Key number two… As big as you… whose mote is my beam, now clearly seen as I click … Continue reading

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Troll Bridge…

* Black-Jack-Davey had been on the road since sun-up. As twilight descended filching the last of the colour from his day he came upon a village. Up ahead he could make out a little stone bridge and what he took … Continue reading

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Harvest of Wyrms…

* ‘The Witch’, they called her but she minded not, tending to her herbs and the animals and birds which nature’s highest intelligence brought to the garden of her single-roomed house knowing her abilities to hold and to heal… It … Continue reading

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* From the corner of my eye… Through a keyhole… half seen unheard Beneath the door… Behind a crack in the curtains A shiver of tree leaf gurgling-silver over brook-stone. Continue reading at France & Vincent

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Armoury Show…

* The prosperous town of Armore was built next to a forest. Late one night Old-Man-Log came out of the forest and sat down in the middle of the town’s market square. He opened up the palm of his right … Continue reading

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* …“But the Angles were a British tribe, right? And the Saxons were German?” We are back in Wen’s study after the half triumph of the first of our Glastonbury talks, which aside from a few timing problems, went as … Continue reading

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Black and White…

* …Mother said, “The spiral patterns on the gate don’t mean anything, dear, they’re just decoration.” If life is a search for meaning then it would be as well to point out from the start that there is none to … Continue reading

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