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Illusions #midnighthaiku

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Guest author: Ritu Bhathal – New old friends

I talk. A lot. I’m pretty sure those of you that follow my blog probably can vouch for my incessant ramblings too! At least you can decide what you want to read and what to skip. Not so for those … Continue reading

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Music that means something – Day 2: Don Mclean

I never really ‘got’ Van Gogh when I was younger. At junior school there were faded prints of his sunflowers and the chair which did nothing to explain why his work was so popular. Lots of people seemed to think … Continue reading

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Guest blogger: Savvy Raj – Unending hope

Unending Hope in Humanity * Life gives unto itself Such is the eternal circle of life Humanity is the eternal truth in art Deeds of compassion are matters of the heart Touched by gratitude in the living Appeased by simple … Continue reading

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Considering White-Skunk III… Stuart France

* That White-Skunk possess power is not in doubt. Bald-Eagle himself is wary of it. The point at issue is the uses to which that power is put. White-Skunk uses his power as a weapon to serve his own ends … Continue reading

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Considering White-Skunk II… Stuart France

* Winged creatures are almost universally regarded as symbols of spirituality. Is there any evidence to regard them as such in this tale? Bald-Eagle has fire. Meadow-Lark has far sight. Rice-Bird can play dead. Not a bad ‘trawl’. * * … Continue reading

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Exit in Trance… Suart France

* …Face of moving water Breathing in water The water a breathing face… * Today I will speak to you For, today, we hold a race A sprint to the death Whose spirit yields to the swiftest The fleetest of … Continue reading

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