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The Tale of Bally-mac-Buan… Stuart France

* Bally ‘sweet-speech’ the renowned story teller secretly arranged to tryst with Elaine, daughter of king Fergus. The one from Ulster, the other from Leinster… Both set out to meet at Ross-na-Ree on the south side of the river Boyne. … Continue reading

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Aural Sculpting… Stuart France

* …Such notions remain controversial Some, might also regard them as ‘obscure’ Or even ‘perverse’… Yet, is there a trickle of interest From, admittedly, ‘antiquated minds’ Continue reading

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Hidden gems – Hoar Cross

The church of the Holy Angels at Hoar Cross is one I had tried to get into before. The first  time it was a summer’s day, but I did not manage to get inside until the rain highlighted the stark … Continue reading

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Spotted World … Stuart France

* “Leap off the Now-Ledge into Is-Dom And never a cross-word between them.” “That’s just wicked!” “Glass of tea, Vicar?” – Salman Poyst * Source: Stuart France

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Conduit by Kerfe at method two madness #writephoto

The pass is wordless, but it waits, alert– watch and ward, ancient, before and behind– weathering all storms Continue reading: Conduit | method two madness

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Eyes for an Eye… Stuart France

* “You know of what I speak, Gandalf. A great eye, lidless, wreathed in flame.” * I recall struggling to formulate this image when first reading Tolkien’s masterpiece. Even with the help of the cover illustrations it seemed to me … Continue reading

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A visit to Somerton – A monumental family

The tombs of the great and good fascinate many people. They are often superb works of art in their own right and preserve a remarkable record of the people, customs and costumes of their day. While paintings and sketches may … Continue reading

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