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Carved – Alethea Kehas #Writephoto

She said, “Show me your soul, and I will take you inward.” I looked across the vast landscape that surrounded me and back to the well. The ground felt firm beneath my feet, and I could feel the warmth of … Continue reading

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Carved – Kim M. Russell #writephoto

An old track forges its way, draws seams through fields pierced and riddled with flint. Winding and following the contours of the valley, it hurdles the backbone of a hilly landscape, past a wind-carved rock of elephantine grey, a hollowed … Continue reading

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Notes from a small dog – We were all young once… #NationalPuppyDay

She nearly made me miss this! Can you believe it? Old or young, two legs or four, we were all puppies once and a little love can heal many things. I am a rescue pup… Mum and Dad we found … Continue reading

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Sitting down on the job. The life of a paperback writer… Ian Hutson

 Reblogged from The Diesel Electric Elephant Company: I am affectionately known by all and sundry at the Cleethorpes Sanatorium for the Clinically Confused as “Peanut Head, Ward 3, Bed 7”. Do horses really sit down like that, rear end only? … Continue reading

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Carved – Leverett Island stories – Sarah #writephoto

Up on the top of Stony Peak, there’s a rock that looks like it’s been carved. If you stand by it and look round, you can see all down the west coast of the Island. It’s probably just erosion by … Continue reading

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I can’t help noticing…

It is beginning to look an awful lot like spring. There are buds and the first blossoms on the trees. The ground is covered in tiny wildflowers, from coltsfoot and celandine, to speedwell, daisies  and violets. From the birds building … Continue reading

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Limitless – Ken Gierke #writephoto

Limitless Carved by raw emotion, this well knows no true depth, each day fathomed further as our love grows. And each day, tapped as a source of joy, it delivers to us infinite rewards. Reblogged from rivrvlogr

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Dawn at Hawk Hill

“Hellooo!” said the unnecessarily cheerful voice at the end of the phone. “You sound wide awake!” “I am,” I replied, though four in the morning is no time for anyone to be dragged from sleep. I reached for the coffee, … Continue reading

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White-Skunk seeks medicine II… Stuart France

* ‘How you must have stopped and wondered How I must feel Out on the meadows While you roam the fields.’ – Shaman Blues * … So Skunk went on the land but before long he accidentally stood on and … Continue reading

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Fragile #midnighthaiku

* Exhibitionist Externally confident Vulnerable heart *  

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