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Poetic form

Seasonal Nature Given form in poetry A presence required Man’s self-styled nobility Reflects the flowers’ glory For Colleen’s poetry challenge  

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Fallen – Neha #writephoto

She let her fallen tears, cleanse her bruised heart. Sometimes, one found the less traveled paths that led to joy by letting go of expectations. Reblogged from Forgotten Meadows

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Common Folk – Cindy Knoke

Reblogged from Cindy Knoke: Are underrated. (Click and enlarge to see the tiny details). Continue reading at Cindy Knoke’s page

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Blue #midnighthaiku

Transient transcendence Ephemeral perfection Takes my breath away

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The Boy From Po Toi – Randall Collis

Reblogged from Global Sojourns Photography: Echoes of a ghost?  Of the future?  Of the past? There is a feeling of perplexity.  I’m no longer standing in the conference room on the top floor of a skyscraper.  There are no floor-to-ceiling windows with … Continue reading

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Splash – Suzanne #writephoto

Reblogged from Suzanne at Being with Nature

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New life from old…

So much has happened over the past few days that I am at a loss where to begin. It started with the drive north through a land sprung to life and colour. A day’s warmth and winter had been banished. … Continue reading

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