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Inside-out by D. Wallace Peach #writephoto

“You will wed Nallea,” Lord Rydan commanded. “It is already agreed. This is not a lad’s game.” “She’s seven!” “In eight years, she will be fifteen. I will not argue this with you.” “I don’t know her. I have no … Continue reading

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Sunrise from Life at 17 #writephoto

Sunrise, misunderstood my heart, is a new beginning it thought, the past left behind; but lurking somewhere it’s still there like moon, like stars, Continue reading here: Sunrise

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Obelisk by Ritu #writephoto

Sitting here I reminisce Think of all Those things I miss All those moments that We shared All those feelings When we cared What went wrong I’ll never know Continue reading here: Obelisk #writephoto

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Obelisk by Lady Lee #writephoto

As the sun sets with a classic golden flame along the shore Pondering the past, when you only have eyes for me and I you adore When the thought of you has given my heart that unexplainable feeling When we … Continue reading

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Stones by Ritu #writephoto

Meet me by the Arch of Stones Where no one else will be Hide behind the monument And wait just there for me Lean against the cold grey stone Press your back just there You’ll feel a warmth, a breeze … Continue reading

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Something Precious from MS Skyfall #writephoto

No one knew. No one ever suspected her. Swapna had gotten away with the theft rather easily. The speculations and the conclusions all said it had to be somebody from the inside. Everyone had looked at each other suspiciously. But … Continue reading

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What price life?

The fish seem to have noticed that it is spring. The little male gourami needs floating plants in which to build a bubble nest before his mate will take his advances seriously. As they have, quite inconsiderately, eaten all the … Continue reading

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