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Words matter

Words matter to us. Those that are said, those that are not said. The precision of a phrase, the use of one word rather than another can make all the difference to how we feel about something or someone. Often … Continue reading

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Living in Colour

It is New Year’s Eve. Everywhere are posts about the year in review or hopes for the coming one. It’s sort of obligatory.  A mini rite of passage as the old year fades and the new comes to birth. So … Continue reading

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Blame the heather….

*** “… See you soon…Stay in the car!” He must have known the futility of that message as it winged its way through the ether…I could hear the sighs of despair… I had texted my current location and “… the … Continue reading

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Loving it

*** We spent the morning working, until it was time for the hospital. I left minus bandages and armed with a full complement of skin again, albeit not particularly pretty skin for now. The healing of the burns is going … Continue reading

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Summer holiday

*** Today is the first day of my long awaited holiday. Except I’m still here, at home, skulking in the shade and bandaged. I could wail and moan.. but honestly, is that going to do anyone any good? The sun … Continue reading

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Turning the wheel…

I looked at my car tonight, thinking how beautiful her lines are in my eyes. She is, undoubtedly, past her best, her engine is a little tired and uneconomical to bring back to optimum performance, the work she needs no … Continue reading

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The Sleeping Giant…

* … After watching the, again, somewhat recalcitrant sun-up, we decide to head back for breakfast via the cluster of, albeit haphazardly, positioned stones which we have come to call ‘the recumbents’. This is something of a risk, as we … Continue reading

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Weland Mind-Weld…

14th September 2021… * ‘On such a day as this two fools who laughed at death embarked upon the adventure of a lifetime…’ * …Today, the adventure is all but over with just a sealing of fire and water, inevitably, … Continue reading

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For Wen…

* Whiter than the swan on a lake Whiter than the gull of the stream Whiter than snow on the high-peak. * Like a wave of the sea from ebb to flood Slender as the tall-birch, blowing… Of a shape … Continue reading

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Night Nurse…

Sniff, snuffle, wake up… open eyes…. yawn, stretch…. still dark… go back to sleep… ‘Ello, though… the two legs is moving… and she’s not s’pposed to! At least, not on her own… Where do you think you are going? Alert! … Continue reading

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