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Accidents of Light… Stuart France

* Our experiences in dream, if often enough repeated, become as much a part of the fabric of the soul as our waking experiences. The man who regularly flies in his dreams will be initmate with the nuances of flight. … Continue reading

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Fragile strength

Unfettered beauty Riding the storms of Chaos Fragile as a heart There are few things as strong…or as fragile…as a butterfly. Their delicate wings can withstand both wind and rain, yet the touch of a finger can damage them beyond … Continue reading

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“If at first…”

Sleep would have been nice. I’m told it is good for you. I was certainly tired enough and expected to fall into a deep slumber as soon as my head hit the pillow… well, at least by the second chapter… … Continue reading

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First Love – Catherine Matthews

Reblogged from Catherine Matthews: My first was Charlie. You always have a soft spot in your heart for your first. He was a blonde who had the subtlest hints of caramel. I loved running my fingers through his hair. He … Continue reading

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Royalty eh?… Stuart France

* The king finished scrutinising his appearance in the full length mirror with a satisfying ‘gurgle’. His royal tailor had done an altogether splendid job of ‘ironing out’ the few minor discrepancies of attire which had been picked up at … Continue reading

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Time Lines III… Stuart France

* … “And everywhere literalism rears its convoluted head.” “I’m not sure I know what you mean.” “I mean, I don’t think these people regarded those so called entities as we do.” “Superstitiously?” “Just because one creates a form to … Continue reading

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Antas & Cromlechs – Candy Blackham

Reblogged from London Traveller: Driving to or from Lisbon is always a good opportunity to seek out megalithic remains off the beaten track and this year we found the anta below at the roadside, just outside Mora, and in the town there is … Continue reading

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