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Callanish Calling: Star Stones…

* ‘Imposing though it may be, it is also cramped…’ – Burl * “And in any case, it’s the wrong time of year!” “I had that thought too, but we could just treat it as a ‘reckie’.” “A ‘reckie’ for … Continue reading

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Glistening Waves ~ Iain Kelly #writephoto

‘You never listen.’ Glisten. The sun dancing on the water. ‘You’re never there.’ Dare. The cold water round his ankles. ‘I’ve been having an affair.’ Stare. A line of rocks breaking the water in the distance. Continue reading at Iain … Continue reading

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Dreaming Stones : “…of whirling air and of rushing fire…”

The first stop of the afternoon was a familiar one; we had made a point of visiting the magnificent Sueno Stone on our last trip to the area. It is the tallest carved Pictish stone in Scotland and shows scenes … Continue reading

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Tobias and the Angel… Stuart France

(Francesco Botticini) * The story of Tobias is told in the Book of Tobit in the Old Testament. The book of Tobit is part of the Catholic Old Testament but is considered apocryphal by Protestants and does not form part … Continue reading

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Distance ~ Miss B #writephoto

We had said our goodbyes Again and again This time, though There was a firmness Continue reading at Bernmusings

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Glisten ~ Honoré Dupuis #writephoto

Is this you, running toward me, in the dying light of our star? Is it you, or your double, or your servant? I know it cannot be you, how much I wished it were. But I know: I lost you, … Continue reading

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I whispered your name to the Universe Silent echoes, butterflies on the wind, Calling you to me. Only in softness, gentle as snowflakes, Fragile and transient Will the voiceless speak. Yet into the silence your name flutters, Hawk’s feather falling … Continue reading

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Shimmer ~ Brian F. Kirkham #writephoto

Sole observer watching by the shore, as hopping and skipping towards the beach in a race to get to him Continue reading at  The Inkwell

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Grammarian #midnighthaiku

Welcome visitor A flighty grammarian Punctuates summer *  

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