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Translating Puns ~ Nicholas C. Rossis

Reblogged from Nicholas C. Rossis: As anyone who’s been following my blog for a while surely knows, I love puns and bad dad jokes (often the same thing). And I often use them in my work, especially in my children’s … Continue reading

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Vista ~ Lee Ann #writephoto

It’s often a personal challenge of mine to write short, simple, descriptive scenes. Honestly, one of these days, I need to take the time to just write.  However, it’s hard to overcome the negative voices (from childhood) telling me it’s … Continue reading

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Dreaming Stones: Heading north…

Earlier this year we were supposed to be heading north to the Scottish Isles for a holiday. Circumstances dictated otherwise, so instead of writing about our planned trip, I thought I would share again our last adventure through Scotland and … Continue reading

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Summer’s Vista ~ Goff James #writephoto

Reblogged from Goff James at Art, Photography and Poetry

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Finding joy…

““And then, right on cue as it were, in walks our angel.” “Oh, you mean the old woman with the radiant face and sparkly eyes.” “Ah ha, you see, even you noticed her radiant face, bit of a giveaway that … Continue reading

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Vista ~ Di #writephoto

She didn’t remember the path being this narrow, neither the age it took to climb. But the view, oh yes…… she remembered the view. It hadn’t changed. Man hadn’t found a way to exorcise this natural beauty. Maybe the Ancestors … Continue reading

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Love recalled

I’m tired this morning. I didn’t sleep much and spent most of the night tossing and turning. When I did doze, I spent the time watching those I love wander across the screen of dreams. Though that is not quite … Continue reading

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Vista ~ Aseem Rastogi #writephoto

He shriveled at the thought of hearing her voice in his head. After her death, life had acquired a new meaning for him. In order to get rid of all the noxious thoughts, he decided to walk across the country … Continue reading

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Acceptance #midnighthaiku

Perfect acceptance Neither threat nor worry looms At rest within peace *

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