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Graven Image…

‘ … And look! A man clothed in linen, whose loins were girded with fine gold… His body also was like beryl and his face had the appearance of lightning. His eyes were as lamps of fire, and his arms … Continue reading

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G. Michael Vasey reviews “Finding Don and Wen”

Gary Vasey knows ‘Don’ and ‘Wen’ and their way of working in the landscape. His own new website, Earth Magic Brno has recently launched, and the book has pointed him in new directions… I enjoyed this book a lot. The … Continue reading

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Heart of Albion: Triad of Albion, Book Two ~ Stuart France and Sue Vincent

He scared them. He knew things. He was Fey… He had talked to the soldier. They had come from far away, marching across the hill with their sharp swords and short kilts, shiny metal at their breast and sun dark … Continue reading

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North-easterly: In Face of History

We could hardly spend so much time in the churchyard at Rudston without visiting the church. While the Monolith alone was worth the long detour from our route home,  we were quite interested to see what kind of place had … Continue reading

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North-easterly: Legends…

There are many stories associated with the castles of the Northumbrian coastline, some historical, others apocryphal, but it is often buried within the myths and legends that some fragment of truth may be found. Few tales will pique the interest … Continue reading

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The Lord of all Proud Beasts…

* His skin is hard as rock. His heart huge as a boulder. His belly thick with spikes. * His eyes glow like dawn. He sneezes and lightnings flash. Flames leap from his mouth. * Continue reading at France & … Continue reading

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* The next morning when the horseman led Svadilfari to the stone quarry he knew that the wall of Asgard would be completed on time and that the Goddess Freyja was to be his. * He took to humming a … Continue reading

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* In the Land of the Living Heart, Angus was playing ball. The sphere of light span and soared in and around and about his aura, as he juggled, and laughed… like tiny bells, chiming. Just then, the Dagda went … Continue reading

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* …It was midnight before the Evil One came down out of the mountains and made his way to Baugi’s farm. * He introduced himself, claimed he had been walking all day, then asked for a meal, and to stop … Continue reading

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Running on Empty?…

* Yva followed on Abadam’s heels, “O Abadam,” she cried, “you have walked in the garden in the east, where every precious stone was your covering. * You were a sealer of the sum, whose works and trappings were prepared, … Continue reading

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