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#Writephoto ‘Rolling Stones’ by Luccia Gray

* Rolling Stones While ancient arches stare Wide-eyed, at the languid Leaves and slippery moss walls, Stones roll along the stream Into the vast unknown, Searching for the distant Place where restless, merry Source: #Writephoto ‘Rolling Stones’

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#WritePhoto Old Green Stone Wall by Pamela Morse

People tell stories about the time before the stone wall was built. The streams and rivers flowed freely and served everyone as they went by. Water to run small mills and to irrigate crops was plentiful and easy to find. … Continue reading

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Onomatopoeia by Spring #writephoto by Sangbad

have you heard the song… song of the ripple…continuous… hush…listen to the rhythm that’s dancing through wood… would you stop walking fast first…that’s it…now listen…quietly… softly the rhythm flows… Continue reading: Onomatopoeia by Spring

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Spring by Hayley R.Hardman #writephoto

It was the first time Shell had been outside since early autumn. Strangely, everything looked the same; there were leaves on the ground, the trees were bare and clear water was still running in the man made stream. The air … Continue reading

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Dammed #midnighthaiku

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Clepsydra Elegy – champagnewhisky

Reblogged from Paula Read at champagnewhisky: It should come as no surprise that one of the earliest tools humans used to tell time was water. After all, it’s what we are, what we need to live. A clepsydra is an … Continue reading

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In Golden Light by Marilyn Armstrong #writephoto

Reflections of bronze leaves  glow golden as sunlight skims the water. Wild birds floating on a river of fire. Reflection and refraction are transformation, summer’s final bonfire. To see more of Marilyn’s photographic response to the prompt, please click here.

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