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Which Doctor?… Stuart France

* “Look, it’s Doctor Who!” “That’s not Doctor Who.” “I thought you liked Doctor Who?” “I do, but that’s not him, it’s just an actor!” * The actor in question was John Pertwee, who played The Doctor between January 1970 … Continue reading

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As you see it ~ Reena Saxena #writephoto

non-judgmental skies -speak, describe my shape as you see it… Continue reading at Reena Saxena

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Callanish Calling: Gnomes…

* …And he is not just horrible to us, even the gnomes, that used to inhabit the Heart of the Isle, fled to the coast to hurl themselves into the sea. * Some of the gnomes though thought better of … Continue reading

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Darkness ~ Di #writephoto

Rolling dark clouds Descend on the horizon, A prelude to engulf The landscape in darkness. The wind changes, Continue reading at pensitivity101

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Dark Clouds ~ Balroop Singh #writephoto

When dark clouds gather around the horizon When they are summoned by a sunny moor When sunshine subsides willingly It is time for nostalgia… Memories arrive within moments Paper boats float all around, Even before the first drop falls Musical … Continue reading

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Creature comforts…

The bee spread its wings and managed to take off from the hot flagstones… rising a mere inch before landing again. I watched him try and fail to achieve lift off several times over the next few minutes. He obviously … Continue reading

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Space To Roam ~ Na’ama Yehuda #writephoto

When they first left the city she was devastated. She knew it was the better choice. That the twins’ sensitive lungs could not function in the pollution. That Mark’s temper improved whenever he had something green to look upon. That … Continue reading

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Grey day or silver Both cause and mirror of mood Perspective changes *

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