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Afghanistan adventures#41 When a childhood dream becomes an adult nightmare ~Mary Smith

Reblogged from Mary Smith’s Place: Lal-sar-Jangal – early winter 1989 Qurban’s little brother Bashir and friend The journey to visit Qurban’s family was rapidly approaching and my chance to fulfil a lifelong ambition to learn to ride a horse. As … Continue reading

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Alan Richardson and Magic ~ G. Michael Vasey #podcast

Renowned author, Alan Richardson is Gary Vasey’s guest… listen to the podcast on Spreaker by clicking this link. In this episode, I was delighted to chat with British magician and prolific occult author – Alan Richardson. Alan talks about how … Continue reading

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Vista ~ Trent P. McDonald #writephoto

Looking down, all I can see are the chalk lines of my life. There is a path of memory behind, and I can make out that there might be a path cut into the Earth ahead, but what does it … Continue reading

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A Thousand Miles of History XXXXVIII: Back to the Future…

We went back once more to where it all began. Paying our respects to Dragon Hill, the ancient White Horse and the hillfort known as Uffington Castle, we left the car and the world behind and walked to Wayland’s Smithy. … Continue reading

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Vista ~ Joelle LeGendre #writephoto

Often I wonder if Minnesota’s hills still remain as pristine. Summer hikes, eagles flying, vistas of an inner peace. Left in the comments of the prompt post by Joelle LeGendre

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* What was Abram’s experience? * If the story is to be believed… Abram threw his face to the ground at the sight of ‘something’. And when lifted from the ground by that thing, he then veiled his eyes from … Continue reading

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Vista ~ Willow Willers #writephoto

Sofia stood at the top of the hill surveying the vista. Her heart missed a beat. It had been millennia since she had been able to see such beauty, unspoiled unsullied. No rubbish, no noise, no trace of the parasites. … Continue reading

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Without the hand of Man the sun will rise And set in splendour with the dying day; The soul of beauty does not need our eyes. Man’s fate was never written in the skies Though in its blue reflection, portents … Continue reading

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Vista ~ Kim Blades #writephoto

I walked along an enchanted path to the tree-topped hill – a corner of the world I like the most, where in the wind a song sings and young leaves dance among the grass – Continue reading at Kim Blades

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Fit #midnighthaiku

Subjective beauty Perfectly fit for purpose Divinely designed *

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