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Circles Beyond Time ~ Worlds Without Borders

We left Arbor Low and headed back to the village of Monyash and the pub for lunch. Once again, we seemed to have seen and done far more than should be possible in such a short time, slipping across the … Continue reading

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Circles Beyond Time ~ Convoy

We left Higger Tor after the sunrise and headed back to our respective breakfasts. Most would have to pack their bags too, before gathering for a final journey together. We were the lucky ones with time to spare and a … Continue reading

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Circles Beyond Time ~ Between Two Worlds

A herd of deer were outlined against the far horizon as we followed the path, leading our companions across the moor to where it joins the track that runs above Bar Brook. The stream gathers the peat-stained water from the … Continue reading

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Circles Beyond Time – Cairnfields

There are some places that seem to have a timeless quality. As if, when you step within their atmosphere, you step beyond the constraints of place and time; you could be anywhere…and anywhen. This little stretch of moor is such … Continue reading

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Weep #midnighthaiku

Storm  breaks on the moors Skies painted in angry strokes Weep themselves to silk *

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Circles Beyond Time ~The Standing Stone

We had brought the group here for just two stones. Nothing as visually spectacular as the wonderful dolmens we had seen in Wales, but to a quiet, green glade that always feels as if it is waiting and where a … Continue reading

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Purple #midnighthaiku

I dream in purple Stone and shadows call me home Heather flows as wine *

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Dear Don: ‘Old-Man-Young’

Dear Don, Perhaps that’s why they are ‘authorities’… a tramline train of thought instead of spreading root and branch… You know, I think you are right about that being the ‘young James’ weekend… which would indeed give us our ‘three’… … Continue reading

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Dreaming Stones : “…of whirling air and of rushing fire…”

The first stop of the afternoon was a familiar one; we had made a point of visiting the magnificent Sueno Stone on our last trip to the area. It is the tallest carved Pictish stone in Scotland and shows scenes … Continue reading

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The King Once Came Here ~ James Elkington

Reblogged from Mountains, Myths and Moorlands, where James dangles a dream home before my eyes… Firstly, apologies for the delay in posting. I know it has been awhile – that is no excuse and I promise that I will post … Continue reading

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