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You READ – but do you leave REVIEWS? – by Chris Graham (aka The Story Reading Ape)

Reblogged from TRSA: Continue reading at TRSA

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Grateful ~ Reena Saxena #writephoto

I stand isolated grateful for my darkness while transitory illusions vanish Reblogged from Reena Saxena

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Dreaming Stones: The Fairy Circle

Sunday morning already… the weekend was slipping by incredibly fast, but we knew Dean had a lot planned for the final morning of the workshop. Our day began by packing the car, necessarily skipping breakfast… which was to prove a … Continue reading

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Glisten ~ Aseem Rastogi #writephoto

The sea glistened in the sunlight as he came out after the short swim. Reblogged from Aseem Rastogi at Transition of Thoughts

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Dear Wen: Dragon…

Dear Wen… Well it certainly suggests another sojourn to see what else we can see… The Morphology of the Dragon or, the Shifting of the Wurm… The ‘Lay of the Land,‘ also has possibilities as a title, perhaps… was Goliath … Continue reading

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My Secret Beach ~ Keith Hillman #writephoto

I wrote, recorded and posted this piece twelve years ago.  Nobody commented.  So I thought I’d try again! Let me read it to you … I sense silence. Yet all around I hear the sounds of nature.  The shingle crackles … Continue reading

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Songs of a bard….

I love the old stories, the legends and lays of ancient times when the world, from our vantage point, seemed both a more innocent and more magical place, where the impossible walked hand in hand with the improbable and where … Continue reading

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Glisten ~ Kim Blades #writephoto

The last oozings of a setting sun glisten on still waters freckled with dark shadows – touched by the cold of a dying day Continue reading at Kim Blades

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Peace #midnighthaiku

Peace and distant hills Memories calling me back Singing to my soul *

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