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Portal ~ Brian F. Kirkham #writephoto

When i was little, i used to go Out with mum and dad , and take in the Natural beauty of the coastal beaches and amassed hillsides nearby Dipping a toe in cold water and Enjoying a walk Continue reading … Continue reading

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Guest author: Mary Smith ~ Carrick Magic

Carrick Magic She’s an enchantress, as old as creation, never ages, ceaselessly changes. Golden whin skirts, coconut-scented, sweep the rocky shoreline; green petticoats shot through with periwinkle blue, willow herb rose, sea-pink. Beguiles artists with her magic light, shows shapes, … Continue reading

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Whitby Weekend: A quiet hour

It is rare, on one of our workshop weekends, to get a moment to yourself outside of your room. There is so much to do and any free time is generally spent catching up with people you too seldom see. … Continue reading

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Otherwhere #midnighthaiku

* Sunset skies whisper Secrets of otherwhere call Sailing the sea songs *

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Whitby weekend: First stop, Lythe

Several years ago, Stuart and I braved the bitter, biting winds of January to visit the Church of St Oswald at Lythe. There were, a friend had told us, stones…carved stones that we would want to see…and that trip had … Continue reading

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Peace #midnighthaiku

* Perfectly at peace Wavelets drown the cry of gulls Moon sails in silence *

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The lion’s memory ~ Noah Weiss #writephoto

How majestic this new day rises. Orangey twinge rising from the dark blue of the night and the sea. Never does this view get boring. Ever the same on fair days, it is a calming reminder. Yet, when skies are … Continue reading

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Waves #midnighthaiku

* Autumn waves of mist Releasing summer’s spirit Dancing in the dawn *  

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The last bikini

As most of me now refuses to move after several days of ‘extreme gardening’, I thought I’d share an old one that made me smile at the memories it raised when I came across it… “Mais, non!” The elegant, if … Continue reading

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Tempting the gods ~ Bladud Fleas #writephoto

I stand high on the cliff’s edge observing the one below; I cannot make out their sex. My head spins and my knees feel like jelly from acrophobia, though it’s not the height that worries me so much as what’s … Continue reading

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