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Darlene Foster hosts Sally Cronin: Travels as a Child

Reblogged from Darlene Foster’s Blog: I am delighted to have the amazing Sally Cronin as my guest today as she tells us about her adventurous life as a child traveller. Travels as a Child Cape Town, South Africa – 1963-1965 … Continue reading

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Vista of War ~ Iain Kelly #writephoto

Their camp was just outside the old boundary wall of the city, in a wooded area on the crest of a hill that overlooked the valley below. Central City sprawled out before them as far as they could see. The … Continue reading

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A Thousand Miles of History XXXXVII: The Horse and the Crop Circle…

As we drove through Avebury to our next destination, we were more than glad that we had been prompted to stop at the Waggon and Horses instead of our usual port of call. The Red Lion, crammed full of people, … Continue reading

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Jude the Obscure… Stuart France

Solved by Walking… * While the initial idea was to consider all the scriptural references to Michael, the General Epistle of Jude promised to be problematic. * It is the first and only scriptural text to refer to Michael as … Continue reading

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The Great Escape ~ Jez Farmer #writephoto

Highways thunder snarl-ups and traffic jams frustrated aggression blaring horns my confusion chaotic state of mind thoughts unable to think and words fail me Continue reading at About the Jez of It

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Visuals ~ Kitty #writephoto

Visuals from atop, Confuses eye, seemingly similar, Alike, Like tiny ants on an unknown march, Descending down, Amazed at the magnitude each thing possesses, Continue reading at Kitty’s Verses

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To coffee… a writer’s sonnet

* How do I love thee? Let me count the ways! I love thee from severely challenged height, (My soul may reach, but inches don’t requite) From quiet keyboard in my special place I love thee for thy aromatic grace … Continue reading

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Vista ~ Honoré Dupuis #writephoto

“Soon we will be back, walking those hills, and finding ourselves, again.” It’s true, she thought, life is an eternal come back. Simply, we change, not the hills, not the sky. Only us grow old. Or it feels like it. … Continue reading

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Butterfly #midnighthaiku

Absent friends long missed Bloom in the heart like summer Steadfast but transient Delicate presence Ephemeral and fragile Touching life with joy

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