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Magical mornings…

*** It was a luminous dawn, the world blanketed in a thick cocoon of frost against the darkness and silence of a newborn morning. The sun rose, pale and gold, strewing a million diamonds on the tarmac path; setting a … Continue reading

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Flying Kites…

*** … The church of St Lawrence is surrounded by Yew trees and as we leave the grounds I see a flash of red arrow from tree to tree very low as if coming in to land. I burst through … Continue reading

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An Unexpected Encounter…

We took to the backroads again, nodding to Drake’s statue as we passed through Tavistock once more, climbing up towards Dartmoor. On our way south, the mists had closed around us completely and we had seen little more of the … Continue reading

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Hawk at Dusk

*** Since the birth of the Silent Eye, we have held regular workshops, including, for the past seven years, an annual residential weekend of ritual drama in Derbyshire. We have had a huge amount of fun with these weekends over … Continue reading

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Hawk at Noon

*** The cult of celebrity seems to have run mad over the past few years. Anyone can have their fifteen minutes of fame and if they can be sufficiently outrageous, outraged or enraging, may find themselves with a career in … Continue reading

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Labour pains…

*** The clock is ticking, time inexorably moves us closer to the launch event of the Silent Eye… in a little less than three weeks… We are flat out getting everything ready… and of course, this is precisely when I … Continue reading

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The Belcherman…

Sir Toby Belcher * With the vanguard of the Globotomists now fighting fervently on all fronts of the known world, the homeland has been entrusted to the safe-hands of former men of substance and stature, a little time-worn now, perhaps, … Continue reading

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King’s Shilling…

* The king finished scrutinising his appearance in the full length mirror with a satisfying ‘gurgle’. His royal tailor had done an altogether splendid job of ‘ironing out’ the few minor discrepancies of attire which had been picked up at … Continue reading

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The New Mediaevalism…

* St George ‘cradling’ or ‘choking’ a baby dragon? (Nuremberg Chronicle 493) * ‘Our un-elected leaders murder millions of us in real-time then appear on televisual entertainment programmes to appeal for our forgiveness. * The health service routinely puts to … Continue reading

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Stepping stones

I was thinking about one of my favourite places today, and while for me it is the high moors, there are other things to see in Ilkley. As a child I used to love stepping off the train into the … Continue reading

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