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Match made in hills ~ Happysoul #writephoto

I met my husband, in a trip organised by few family friends many years ago. We went on a trek and the view was very similar to this pic in the prompt. So was tempted to write something around “Love … Continue reading

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Dreaming Stones: “Upon the earth…”

Our morning began with an early meditation upon the hillside, turning our attention to the light, both in literal and symbolic terms. It was a moment to drink in the beauty of the land as a ‘false dawn’ opened a … Continue reading

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In Search of Newer Horizons ~ Neel Anil Panicker #writephoto

Every morning Sheena would step out of her little thatched that stood at the far end of the little village that was cut off from the main road by a good eight hour walking distance. The city, as such, didn’t … Continue reading

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Callanish Calling…

* Dear Wen, I have booked an additional day off work – The Wednesday… However, we possibly need a bit more of a plan than, ‘If we have it we can fill it’, for me to book any more time … Continue reading

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In the lap of the gods ~ Jane Dougherty #writephoto

Next WIP started and Sue Vincent has found a photo for her prompt to nudge it along. She follows with her eyes the sinuous line that hugs the contours of the hill until it disappears out of sight, to fall … Continue reading

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Petals #shortstory

Standing beside the newly-turned grave, black-clad and sombre, Periwinkle Collier was a man of style and substance. The substance, it is true, was more evident around his waist than in his pocketbook, nevertheless, his was an imposing figure. With a … Continue reading

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Vista~ Haroon Mirza #writephoto

A Vista of life Taking a ride Through the mountains of hope Meadows of desires Continue reading at Haroon’s Blog

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Poised #midnighthaiku

Unfurled, unfaded Fleeting moment of glory Passing perfection *  

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