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Summer’s fruits ripen What autumn mists must wither Crimson wears mourning Veils itself in frozen tears Caught in the grip of winter Rosebuds brave the snow Winter death holds summer’s birth Silent gestation Working unseen alchemy Transmutation of the sun … Continue reading

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The exploding tea-drinker

“She’s going to blow!” The gentlemen may have found it amusing. I did not. We had often stopped at this particular place for a pot of tea mid-afternoon and it was always a pleasant pause beside the fire of the … Continue reading

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Fairy tales: Faces Glimpsed in the Forest by Jan Malique

Reblogged from Strange Goings On in the Shed: Many of us have grown up with the older versions of fairy tales, visceral stories that were handed down from generation to generation. I certainly recall the earlier folk tales, devouring each … Continue reading

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“Religion is a matter of diet. You must choose what suits your spiritual digestion, I suppose.” Naomi Jacob, ‘Four Generations’. Growing up, I loved the stories that Naomi Jacob wrote about the Gollantz family. I am not Jewish, though some … Continue reading

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  The breeze remembers… Two Voices, One breath And the ghost of joy; A lingering blush, Haunting a morning That melts In eternity’s embrace.

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Caged butterlies

Berthe Morisot 1875 I love antique fans… there is something about them that has always fascinated me. I remember vividly standing in tears at Harewood House at an exhibition many years ago. I don’t quite know what it is… their … Continue reading

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Perfect symbols

       “Not necessarily these days, what do think it means?”       “It’s the observer and the observed. They’re the observer. We’re the observed”       “Don’t be absurd.”       I motion out of the roof window where three Red Kites are … Continue reading

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