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Also Temples…

‘Vitruvian Man’ *** Many, if not all, geometric forms can be used as templum, and the diagrammatic glyphs of most spiritual systems can be mapped on to the form of the human body after a three-fold pattern. Despite exoteric claims … Continue reading

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Temples Too…

*** The space created by the temple, for augury, originally, appears to have been in order to better observe the flight of birds across the sky. To afford them focus and meaning. Their point of origin, the direction of travel, … Continue reading

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Midnight Haiku … #midnighthaiku

For around five years, I posted a haiku every night at midnight. I like the constraint of the seventeen syllables of the classic ‘haiku in English’, exploring brevity to capture multiple layers of meaning. I like the discipline of writing … Continue reading

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North-easterly: Sunday Best…

We were right about the church; St Mary’s, Sledmere, was well worth a look, though not for our usual reasons. We normally visit the older places of worship by choice, seeking within their hallowed walls the stories and symbolism that … Continue reading

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North-easterly: Sidetracked Again

It doesn’t matter where we go, the habit of rising early for work seems to follow us, so it was no surprise that we were up and out a long time before we would be meeting the rest of the … Continue reading

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Turisaz * …Merlin was still lamenting his plight; ‘How does it happen that the seasons are so different? Spring provides leaves and flowers, Summer gives crops, Autumn ripe apples, but then Winter’s ice wastes all! O, that there were no … Continue reading

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The Lord of all Proud Beasts…

* His skin is hard as rock. His heart huge as a boulder. His belly thick with spikes. * His eyes glow like dawn. He sneezes and lightnings flash. Flames leap from his mouth. * Continue reading at France & … Continue reading

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North-easterly: Layers

A short walk along the coast from Craster is another of the most iconic sights on the Northumbrian shore…Dunstanburgh. The castle has inspired artists and poets over the centuries; Turner and Girtin both painted the ruins, and so did I, … Continue reading

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Shivering River…

* The traditional number of runes stands at twenty-four. A colt has twenty-four milk teeth. Sleipnir is a colt. * Continue reading at France & Vincent

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North-easterly: Beyond the Walls

Next morning, we gathered at the gates of Bamburgh castle. We had seen it from beyond its walls, considering how we could glimpse our own ‘inner fortifications’ from a perspective beyond the control of the ego, and now we were … Continue reading

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